Marshall Memo: COVID-19 Testing, Personnel Moves and Mat Memories

An 8-hour Community Based COVID-19 Testing will take place on Friday at the rear of John Marshall High School.

Marshall County Health Department Director Tom Cook said that this testing will be from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

He said, “We decided to expand the time period in an effort to provide for workers who couldn’t to take advantage of the previous testing because of their work hours.”

“We have heard from numerous individuals who have said they are looking forward to the extended time period,” the health department director said.”

Cook stated that with Marshall County schools scheduled to begin 18 days from the testing date, that hopefully students and school personnel will take advantage of this testing.

He added, “We have received numerous replies from individuals who wish to be volunteers.”

Among those assisting will be school nurses, and other school personnel who will serve as registers.

Cook said anyone is eligible to be tested, that that everyone must have an ID, with those under 18 to be accompanied by an adult.

He stated that anyone who might live in nearby states will be included as well.

Cook said that vehicles will able to reach the testing site by turning onto the John Marshall property at the south end of the building, and follow the roadway north to the softball field where registrations will begin.


The Marshall County Board of Education met this past Tuesday, and among topics were the COVID-19 testing along with planning for the coming school year discussed by Superintendent Dr. Shelby Haines

She commented that the schools need the students, and the students need their school environment.


A third meeting involving COVID-19, that being at a meeting of the Moundsville Lions Club at which JMHS principal Cassie Porter was the speaker.

In addition to the COVID-19, she addressed plans pertaining to the upcoming school term, including sports.


Getting back to the school board meeting, a number of personnel issues were approved. These included:

Employed were: Kim Ghaphery as English/Gifted teacher at Moundsville Middle School; and Tiffany Robbins as teacher at Cameron High.

Brett Wysocki from teacher at Central Elementary to teacher of Physical Education/Health at Moundsville Middle School.

Resignations were accepted from Shelby Genberg as teacher of strings at Center McMechen Elementary; Janet Marchlenski as second grade teacher at Glen Dale Elementary; and David Ruza as wrestling coach at Sherrard Middle School.


The Moundsville Panthers will begin practice on Monday.

The Panthers consist of two teams, along with cheerleaders.

The Panthers Varsity had 30 boys in grades 5 and 6 signup, while the Junior Varsity, comprised of 2nd through 4th grades, had 26 signups.

The Panthers play in the Cadiz Youth Fallball League which consists of in addition, to the Panthers, and three teams from Ohio.


In the past week or so you have read about a couple of Ohio Valley wrestling coaches by the names of Bill Hinegardner and Ron Mauck.

Well it just so happened that from my files, I came up with the 50th annual Ohio Valley Athletic Wrestling Tournament program which took place in January 2003.

The front cover stated the conference is the largest in the United States and a picture of Ron Mauck, with the statement “Dedicated and Committed.”

The program also included photographs of Mr. Mat Award winners from 1976-84, two of which were Hinegardner in 1984 and Mauck in 1986.

There were two pages which were dedicated to the OVAC Wrestling Tournament, with its birth, growth and tradition.

Some of the reminders being that in 1968, under Co-Directors George Walley and George Kovalick, the tournament for the first time had been in Moundsville with 20 participating schools.

It went on to state that several landmark events occurred during what was called the Moundsville Era.

In 1976, the tournament would move to Steubenville, and in 1979 it would move to the Wheeling Civic Center.

Another section was about some of the teams, one of which was John Marshall.

It read, “It all began in 1968, with the venerable Bill Hinegardner, one of the most highly respected individuals in the annals of West Virginia and OVAC wrestling. His effectiveness as a coach can best be found in his accomplishments. West Virginia State Champion in 1972, 73, 74 and 77. Runner-up in 1969, 75, 77 and 78 during that same time in OVAC Tournament competition the Monarchs took the team title in 1972, 73, 74 and 77, while finishing second in 1969, 75, 78 and 79. Their most outstanding season was 1972, when the Monarchs under Hinegardner won the Mountaineer League Championship, OVAC Duel Meet and Tournament Championship, and Region One Title.

An individual honor to Hinegardner was that of co-OVAC Coach of the Year in 1974.

His loyal and faithful assistant during his entire 14 years was the highly qualified Ed Dugus.

When Hinegardner retired from coaching in 1982, he had amassed a career record of 133-29.

As for Mauck, the program referred to him as “A Leader Both Admired and Respected.”

The 50th annual program states, “Everyone knows and recognizes that no one gives more to the sport of wrestling than Ron Mauck. It is therefore understandable why he receives total commitment from those with whom he surrounds himself.”

The program reads, “He is tireless bundle of energy who never leaves the Civic Center while there are still things to be filed, folded, filled, stowed, setup or torn down. You may see him performing such mundane chores as swabbing the mats. He asks no one to do any job that he won’t do or hasn’t done.”

His long time dear friend Bill Hinegardner says of Ron, “People like him and he likes people. He listens to people’s ideas and is not afraid to make changes to improve. He is an advocate of teamwork and getting people involved in activities and projects.”


The Marshall County Health Board will be teleconference meeting at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Connection being by phone at 1-503-300-6829. The conference call number being 267942.

Those wishing to speak before the board are asked to call 10 minutes before the meeting begins.


The Marshall County Commission will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday. This meeting will also be by teleconference.


The Moundsville City Council will be meeting with the architect later this month to go over for the first time plans for the new municipal building.

The council has already negotiated for purchase of three parcels. They are still negotiating for a fourth parcel.


Friday was the final day for filings for the four Moundsville City Council seats which expire on Dec. 31.

The only person filing for first ward as of Friday morning was incumbent Judy Hunt and the only person filing for third ward incumbent Gene Saunders.

Also as of Friday morning five individuals filed for two seats for at large. They are Randy Chamberlain, Brianna Hickman, Phil Remke, David Seum, and Denny Wallace.


It was brought to my attention that this past week a couple individuals were lined up to make a transaction at a local bank. The odd thing being that the two were between vehicles.

Apparently they didn’t have a vehicle and thus this was the easiest way to make a transaction.

Their only other way to make a transaction would have been to telephone the bank and make arrangements to enter the main building.


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