Relying on Truckers to Deliver What We Need

Every day, millions of Americans get behind the wheel and head out on the highways. Some of them are off to the grocery store, some to their place of work, and some are the 3.5 million professional truck drivers in America. These are the hard-working professional men and women who deliver the goods that keep America moving.

From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, to the medical supplies and equipment used to keep us healthy — professional truck drivers get things where they need to be, on time, safely, and securely.

Throughout the week of September 13th, the trucking industry celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). Due to the spread and impact of COVID-19, NTDAW means something a little extra this year, as we take time to honor those who are truly delivering for the nation during our time of need.

The sacrifices that professional drivers are making to help carry the nation through the pandemic must never be understated. To deliver for American families, drivers are placing their own health, and the health of their families on the line. Their dedication and sacrifice are deserving of our praise, recognition, and our appreciation.

Truck drivers deliver over 10 billion tons of freight every year, which is about 70% of all the freight moved in the U.S. In the United States, 80% of communities — cities and towns just like Wheeling — receive all their goods by truck.

The trucking industry is the backbone of our economy, and our professional drivers are the industry’s heart. Their commitment to safety and dependability ensures our quality of life remains intact — even during a global pandemic.

When you are in a grocery store, take a minute to notice how stocked the shelves are — and always remained, even during the most trying moments of the pandemic. Then think about the professional drivers that delivered all the food you, and everyone else you know, put into your carts and brought home to your families. When sitting at home, maybe in your home office, look around and realize that everything inside it was at some point in the back of truck before it got to where it is now.

When next at a restaurant or picking up takeout, think about the meal you are about to eat and how the ingredients were very recently delivered by truck. Think about all the jobs truck drivers have made possible out of the commitment to do theirs.

The next time you are cruising down the highway and pass by a truck, give him or her the famous honking sign — they will love it! If a passenger in your vehicle can capture the moment on video, please post it to social media and include the hashtag #honkforhighwayhereos.

Take a moment to be thankful for the efforts of America’s truck drivers and recognize that without them, your home, your workplace, your dinner table, and your life, would look vastly different.

The West Virginia Trucking Association salutes America’s professional truck drivers. They truly do move our great country forward.

Traci Nelson is president of the West Virginia Trucking Association.


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