Saving Christmas for Us All

If ever something unthinking such as a virus could be thought of as evil, COVID-19 is it. It has taken from us so many good people, among them, just this month, one of the very best men I’ve ever met. Some readers will know immediately who I mean.

So it is impossible to think there could be anything like a silver lining to this cloud. Indeed, this is a dark winter.

But it has revealed so much goodness in those all around us — people who refuse to allow the virus to take Christmas from us.

They are all around, fighting fiercely for something good, kind and peaceful.

They are the pastors and congregations who have found ways ranging from parking lot services to the internet to continue worshipping and helping others. They have proven church is not a building.

They are the people determined that brightness will shine through the darkness in a hundred ways. They are those who made Steubenville’s Nutcracker Village a reality this year and who handled enormous lines of cars at Oglebay’s Winter Festival of Lights. They are those who staged neighborhood Christmas parades in St. Clairsville and a “reverse parade” in Cadiz. They are the Wellsburg residents who wouldn’t surrender their annual Christmas Pageant and Canned Food Drive, but took it online. Among winners, not just incidentally, were a Christmas Kindness Queen and Princess.

They were the thousands of people — often led by law enforcement personnel — who have made as certain as they could that Santa Claus visits every child in our valley and that Christmas dinner is wonderful for all, even this year.

They are those who provided coats for those who were cold and Christmas gifts for the homeless.

They have fought not to take, but to give. They have saved the Christmas of compassion from a merciless foe.

They have been bright shining lights in the darkness that attempted — but failed — to envelop us. They have been, in very real ways, the host of earthly angels we needed so badly.

God bless them all — every one.

Myer can be reached at: mmyer@theintelligencer.net.


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