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Don’t Blame The National Park Rangers

October 20, 2013 Some really good people have been getting a bum rap during the past few weeks. more »»

Don’t Fall for Scams Involving Obamacare

October 20, 2013 On Oct. 1, health insurance exchanges opened in West Virginia and throughout the nation to sign people up for insurance as part of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacar. more »»

Fall Clean-Up Program Concluding

October 20, 2013 During the past several weekends, Marshall County residents have had the opportunity to dispose of unwanted items as part of the Fall Clean-Up program sponsored by the Marshall County Commission... more »»

McKinley, Capito, Manchin Right

October 19, 2013 No doubt a few staunch conservatives will be unhappy with Reps. David McKinley and Shelley Capito, both R-W.Va. more »»

Count The Children By The Big Tree

October 19, 2013 We tried. We really did. more »»

Protecting Wild Places In W.Va.

October 13, 2013 Millions of Americans who love the outdoors are accustomed to using the national parks as portals to nature. Government officials who closed the parks during the “shutdown” know that. more »»

Central Government Coming for You Next?

October 13, 2013 To paraphrase the late German pastor Martin Niemoller, who will be left to speak up when the Central Government comes for you? Our own Central Government is inexorably coming for us, dividing us... more »»

Lions Hear About New County Building

October 13, 2013 Plans for the Marshall County Public Service Building were outlined to members of the Moundsville Lions Club on Tuesday by Marshall County Commissioner Brian Schambach. more »»

Real Money Is in Drug Policy

October 12, 2013 Drug pushers can make big money, but for most of them, $25,000 in a single transaction is the stuff of dream. more »»

Churches, Bouffants And Bars

October 12, 2013 First it was bars. Then it was beauty salons. Now churches are running neck-in-neck with the two previous categories. more »»

Balancing Beauty With Tourist Boom

October 6, 2013 For generations, we West Virginians relied largely on coal to fuel our economy. At about the time many of us decided the experts were right to advise us to diversify, along came the natural gas boom. more »»

Wake Up and Demand Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

October 6, 2013 According to the Sept. 11 “The Intelligencer,” Ohio’s government got a windfall of $350,000 in fines from two fracking companies. more »»

Valley Fork Park Work Completed

October 6, 2013 Work was completed Thursday on a project at Valley Fork Park to help prevent flooding and erosion in the immediate area. more »»

‘Shutdown’ Will Be 2014 Factor

October 5, 2013 Secretary of State Natalie Tennant already has begun taking shots at U.S. Rep. Shelley Capito regarding “gridlock” in Washington. more »»

Mixing People & Pipelines

October 5, 2013 “This sure is some beautiful country here,” the tanned-faced man with the Tennessee accent said. “You mean our mountains?” I asked. “I’m glad you said that,” he replied quickly. more »»

Intent Makes Big Difference

October 2, 2013 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane filed criminal charges against XTO Energy, an Exxon Mobil subsidiary, after an accidental spill from natural gas drilling produced wastewater. more »»

Life Is Not A Video — Or Is It?

September 29, 2013 A few horror movies, including some pretty good ones, use the theme of human beings somehow being sucked into an electronic world, sometimes their own television sets. more »»

Sometimes, Working With Kids Is Laughing Matter

September 29, 2013 Laughter is one of the most successful defenses that mankind has found to cope with the problems of daily living. All of us must teach our children to laug. more »»

‘Redneck Monster’ 5K Event Slated

September 29, 2013 I don’t know how you get ready for a ‘‘Redneck Monster’’ 5K event, as the sponsors aren’t even aware of all the details connected with such an adventure. more »»

It’s a Perpetual Motion Machine

September 28, 2013 Remember high school civics class? Congress has to approve federal expenditures, we were told. Presidents are barred by the Constitution from declaring war. more »»

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