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‘Assault Rifle’ Not To Blame

September 22, 2013 Quick: What weapon did Aaron Alexis use to kill 12 people at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. more »»

‘Too Big to Fail’ Banks Harm Local Communities

September 22, 2013 As a community banker, I do not share the concerns expressed by others about the impact of addressing the threat of “Too Big To Fail” financial firms, once and for all. more »»

Once a Giant, TeleTech Now Gone

September 22, 2013 Three years ago TeleTech received the annual Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce. more »»

Tennant May Have Miscalculated

September 21, 2013 Natalie Tennant’s decision to run for the U.S. more »»

We Will Miss Sam

September 21, 2013 We lost a good friend here at the newspaper last week. more »»

Scammers Will Love Obamacare

September 15, 2013 “Is this Mrs. John Doe? I’m Benjamin Franklin from the Service Center for Advice on Medical Issues of the National Government. more »»

Swimmer’s Three Messages Important to Us All

September 15, 2013 Some say she really did not do it. Others say no one can do it. Some say she must have cheated, because it has never been done before in the way she did it. more »»

Legion Back on Track With Renovation

September 15, 2013 Marshall County Commission members on Tuesday were invited to visit a building being renovated by Cameron American Legion Post No. 1. more »»

Lawmakers Ponder 3-Part Plan

September 14, 2013 Keeping the United States out of direct involvement in the Syrian civil war may be the easier of the two big jobs facing Congress this month. more »»

Merry Halloween To You

September 14, 2013 Some things that don’t make sense to others are perfectly logical to me. If you walked into my kitchen right now, you might take notice of the tea towel hanging from the kitchen stove doo. more »»

‘Future Fund’ Good Idea, But ...

September 11, 2013 From my experience as the first president of the Greater Morgantown Community Trust, I know firsthand that permanent endowments work. more »»

Change Needed in America's Climate Right Now

September 9, 2013 We often refer to the global economy as one in which we are all connected by information and commerce of all types, but the reference is much more literal. more »»

Reaping What We Sow?

September 8, 2013 I suspect lots of boys at the high school I attended carried pocket knives. But I never saw one used in ange. more »»

Change Needed in America’s Climate Right Now

September 8, 2013 We often refer to the global economy as one in which we are all connected by information and commerce of all types, but the reference is much more literal. more »»

Elizabethtown Fest Is Next Weekend

September 8, 2013 The 15th annual Elizabethtown Festival will be an 18-hour event over a two-day period. more »»

Considering All the Options

September 7, 2013 So, let me get this straight: President Barack Obama says we absolutely, positively must attack Syria in retaliation for that county’s alleged use of poison gas against its own people. more »»

Make It A Good Spot

September 7, 2013 There is a place along Interstate 70 in Belmont County that causes me anguish each time I drive past it. No matter how much I want to think of something else, the spot reminds me of Anthony Provian. more »»

Taking the EPA to Court

September 4, 2013 West Virginia is in a battle for its lif. more »»

Industrial Sector Far From Dead

September 1, 2013 Labor Day celebrates the contributions working men and women have made to America, and at least as important, to American families. more »»

Are Liberals Setting Up ‘Obamacare’ for Failure?

September 1, 2013 Well! The mask has finally come off! Many of us have long worried that the Affordable Health Act, commonly known as Obamacare, was just a stalking horse for the eventual implementation of a... more »»

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