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Recalling Moundsville High Class of 1916

September 1, 2013 Meta Helen Ebeling (Pavlik) a 1916 graduate of Moundsville High School, kept a memory book which is now in the possession of Moundsville Middle School. Her nephew, Harry G. more »»

Gas Wells, Schools Just Don’t Seem to Mix Very Well

September 1, 2013 In school, sometimes real life trumps academics. That’s what happened one day recently in my classroom when a senior student asked: “Mrs. more »»

Turning Tide in the U.S. Senate

August 31, 2013 Here in West Virginia, we’re going to do our part next year to shut down President Barack Obama’s war on coal and, with any luck, some of his other crazy initiatives. more »»

Fruits Of Our Labor

August 31, 2013 When I was a kid, I thought Labor Day was dedicated to my mother and others who gave birth. But I was wrong, of course. Labor Day is an oxymoron. more »»

Working Toward The Dream

August 25, 2013 So, is it still just a dream, or have we Americans finally put racism behind us? That’s the question any number of people are asking, as the 50th anniversary of the famous civil rights March on... more »»

King’s Dream Only Partially a Reality in America

August 25, 2013 This week is the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington held Aug. 28, 1963. This event has special meaning to me. Maybe it’s because my father did march with D. more »»

Reporters' Notebook: Water Bills; Helicopters; 65 Years; and Aubrey McClendon

August 25, 2013 Editor’s note: Reporters are constantly surveying their surroundings, and in doing so often turn up many tidbits of news that don’t make it into the daily newspape. more »»

Water Board Moves Offices

August 25, 2013 The city of Moundsville Water Office this past week moved from its Lafayette Avenue location to the Moundsville City Building. more »»

Teaching Your Children a Critical Lesson: Sportsmanship

August 25, 2013 I would not argue with anybody who says it is hard to be a parent in our highly competitive, contemporary society. I know. more »»

Divisiveness Is Part of Our Past

August 24, 2013 Politics has never been more divisive, bitter and harsh in the United States, we’re told. To that it often is added that too many politicians have forgotten the definition of “public servant. more »»

Riding In The Front

August 24, 2013 Why is it that I can remember something from 50 years ago like it happened this morning, yet I can’t remember why I walked into the kitchen 10 minutes ago? Fifty years is a long time to bring back... more »»

Ohio River Great Place To ... Fly

August 18, 2013 Flying is something most reasonably sane people believe ought to be done up in the air. Many of these same folks would agree that the proper place for a boat is in the water. more »»

Stereotyping Women in Feminist Movement

August 18, 2013 There are many things in my life I am thankful for. For one, there’s the fact that I was able to attend school in the first place. more »»

Homeland Heroes Tribute Returns

August 18, 2013 The Ohio Valley Cost of Freedom (OVCOF), a division of the Uptown Moundsville Activities Committee (UMAC), has arranged for an event honoring military personnel and first responders from 10 a.m. more »»

Government of Laws — or One Man?

August 17, 2013 Many U.S. presidents have fumed and complained about laws enacted by Congress and rulings by federal courts. Not President Barack Obama. more »»

For The Love Of Our Kids

August 17, 2013 With his arms crossed, his lips set in pout mode, he said, “No thank you” when asked to share a toy with his brother. How about you eat some carrots? Again, “no thank yo. more »»

People Make W.Va. Wild, Wonderful

August 11, 2013 “It wouldn’t be right,” my co-worker years ago said, in rejecting a suggestion some other college students and I had made. more »»

What’s for Dinner? Wild Game Now Chic

August 11, 2013 When I was a kid, my family ate a lot of wild game. My father was both an avid hunter and a crack shot, so he hauled home a cornucopia of wild critters, which my mother dutifully cooked. more »»

New Elizabethtown Festival Events Set

August 11, 2013 If you will be attending the annual Elizabethtown Festival, be ready to view some new attractions. The event will take place in five weeks, Sept. more »»

Future Fund Great Idea, But...

August 10, 2013 Most West Virginians have had the importance of putting some of our earnings into savings accounts drilled into our heads. If we wanted that new bicycle, mom and dad said, we needed to save up for it. more »»

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