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Traffic Troubles, New Attractions and Help Is Wanted

March 13, 2016 A Mistake Worth Making This past Tuesday, this reporter found himself lamenting his decision to use Ohio 7, rather than W.Va. 2, to make the commute to work. more »»

Dates for Annual Free Disposal Program Set in Marshall County

March 13, 2016 With spring coming on board next Sunday, several events connected with this time of year will soon be getting underway. more »»

Is the ‘War on Terror’ Never Meant To Be Won?

March 13, 2016 Since Sept., 11 2001, our foreign policy can be summed up with the euphemism, “The War On Terror. more »»

Environmental Cues Trigger Many Spring Time Behaviors

March 13, 2016 The ultimate environmental cue that triggers many behavioral changes in the natural world is photoperiod. Longer days in late winter signal that it’s time to bree. more »»

What Do All Those People Do?

March 12, 2016 West Virginia’s state Department of Education has 566 employees overseeing public schools. That’s more than 10 for each county school system in the state. more »»

Grandkids Turn Page

March 12, 2016 Suddenly our newsroom is just about evenly balanced between employees who are parents and those who also are grandparents. more »»

Kicking The Can Again?

March 6, 2016 West Virginia legislators now know, if they didn’t previously, what it means to be between a rock and a hard place. Here’s the context: -- Our state is broke. more »»

Putting Threat of Terrorism Into Perspective

March 6, 2016 Fear of terrorism on American soil is now part of our daily lives. Surveys show how deeply we feel the threat. more »»

Sugar Buzz, Changing Landscapes and Exiting the Race

March 6, 2016 Campgrounds Will Fill Again Because of the slowdown in both drilling and pipelining associated with a drop in natural gas and oil prices, local RV campgrounds are not as full as they have been durin... more »»

Moundsville Council Kicks Off Campaign for Four Seasons Pool

March 6, 2016 The push is on! Although discussion pertaining to the upgrading of Four Seasons Pool in Moundsville has been underway for the past few month, a vote taken by Moundsville City Council this past... more »»

Verna Pools Are Busy In March

March 6, 2016 A walk in any deciduous forest in early March is certain to reveal a variety of vernal pools. Every depression, large and small, fills with snow melt and rain. more »»

Collecting Less, Spending More?

March 5, 2016 If you think West Virginia’s fiscal problems are bad now, just wait ‘til next year. They could be worse if legislators accept the revenue assumptions in Gov. more »»

History We’d Rather Forget

March 5, 2016 It has become maddening. The he-said, she-said slingshot mudslinging is getting to all of us hoping to elect a worthwhile candidate for president of the United States this yea. more »»

Helping Poor Kids In School

February 28, 2016 West Virginia has the highest percentage of children who get their breakfast at school of any state in the nation. more »»

Helping Poor Kids In School

February 28, 2016 West Virginia has the highest percentage of children who get their breakfast at school of any state in the nation. more »»

How About Vice President Kasich?

February 27, 2016 Ohio Gov. John Kasich finds himself in a position something like one of the two fellows being chased by a bear. You remember the story. more »»

Always Choose Best Seat

February 27, 2016 It felt good to sit and absorb the unique beauty of the church, my father’s childhood place of worship. My annual Lenten pilgrimage to St. more »»

Powering West Virginia's Energy Economy

February 22, 2016 West Virginia is no stranger to large-scale energy production. We have long been one of the nation’s largest energy producing states, and we are proud to power America. more »»

Observance Is About Our History, Not Anger

February 21, 2016 What’s your “boiling point?” If you’re in the age bracket of 10 to 25, your anger susceptibility is at its lowest; if you’re 40 to 60, your rage capacity is highest; if you’re above 60, your... more »»

Entrance Ramp; Cheaper Gas Prices; and Deadpool

February 21, 2016 Entrance Ramp Work Continues Although the Marion Street Bridge is open in Bridgeport, along with both the eastbound and westbound Interstate 70 exits, only the westbound entrance ramp is open. more »»

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