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Officials Wrong Regarding Poem

March 13, 2014 Thoughtful West Virginians recognize that along with the blessings of the coal industry have come terrible curses in the form of disasters that, through the years, have claimed hundreds of lives. more »»

Keeping Drunks Off Ohio Highways

March 13, 2014 Habitual drunken drivers too often get away with endangering — and sometimes killing — other motorists. Reports of people arrested multiple times for driving under the influence are not uncommo. more »»

Denial of Federal Aid Should Be Reversed

March 13, 2014 Federal Emergency Management Agency officials have rejected West Virginia’s request for money — a few million dollars, at most — to reimburse emergency responders, public agencies and nonprofit... more »»

Limit Rainy Day Fund Use

March 12, 2014 West Virginia legislators and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin will have to raid the state’s Rainy Day Fund to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. more »»

Obama Not Really Defending Seniors

March 12, 2014 President Barack Obama does not have to worry about votes from senior citizens this fall. more »»

Revive Racing Industry Cuts

March 11, 2014 When time expired Saturday night in this year’s regular session of the West Virginia Legislature, the state’s horse- and dog-racing industries had managed to strike a blow against an attempt to... more »»

Tomblin Right To Be Concerned

March 11, 2014 West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin reportedly has some reservations about gun-related legislation sent to him for his signature. He should be concerned. more »»

Obama Contradicts Own Stated Policy

March 11, 2014 No wonder so many foreign leaders are reluctant to go along with U.S. policy initiatives. more »»

Learning What Makes a Mass Killer

March 11, 2014 How did Adam Lanza go from being “just a normal little weird kid,” in his father’s words, to someone who “couldn’t get any more evil”? Peter Lanza made the comments in a magazine story about his... more »»

Provide Career Opportunities

March 10, 2014 Many of the thousands of young Ohioans who drop out of school each year simply don’t see anything in it for them. more »»

Enforcing New Safe Water Rules

March 10, 2014 West Virginia legislators deserve enormous credit for the way they handled a disaster dumped on their plates Jan. 9, just as they were preparing for their annual 60-day regular session. more »»

Still Not Connecting Dots on Terrorists

March 10, 2014 Islamic terrorists hoping for another opening to massacre Americans must wonder sometimes whether we can even see the “dots,” much less connect them. After the Sept. more »»

Habitat for Humanity Helps West Virginians

March 10, 2014 Among the most important, effective, compassionate programs to help families of limited means is Habitat for Humanity. In many ways it does more good than any government “welfare” initiative. more »»

Some B&O Tax Relief Imperative

March 9, 2014 Implementation of a one-half percent municipal sales tax in Wheeling was part of an informal deal city officials made with residents and business owners. more »»

Hold Down W.Va. Nursing Home Costs

March 9, 2014 When health care professionals make mistakes — or worse, intentionally take chances with patients’ well-being — they ought to be forced to pay for their lapses. more »»

Linsly: A Rich Past Of Focusing on Future

March 9, 2014 When Noah Linsly came to Wheeling to establish the first preparatory school west of the Allegheny Mountains, the outcome of the War of 1812 still was in doubt. more »»

Make Subsidy Cuts Permanent

March 8, 2014 Substantial sacrifices are being made by West Virginians to keep our state budget balanced. more »»

Keep Future Fund Proposal on Track

March 8, 2014 For most of the current 60-day regular session of the West Virginia Legislature, it has seemed as if state Senate President Jeff Kessler’s Future Fund proposal finally was enjoying the smooth... more »»

Rejecting Legislation By Ambush in W.Va.

March 8, 2014 A favorite strategy of those who want controversial bills passed — or rejected — by the West Virginia Legislature is to wait until the final day of the regular session, which ends at midnight, to d... more »»

Don’t Cripple Future Fund

March 7, 2014 A tried-and-true strategy for killing a piece of legislation is to insert a “poison pill” into it. more »»

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