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Don’t Let Thugs Abuse the System

April 13, 2014 West Virginians have been doing more to give drug criminals and intoxicated drivers second chances during the past few years. more »»

Nature Conservancy Scores New Trimuph

April 13, 2014 Perhaps the most effective environmentalist organization in the world, The Nature Conservancy, has scored another victory for West Virginians — and our posterity. more »»

FEMA Flooded With Unfairness

April 12, 2014 For months we have been smelling a rat — a big one in Washington — in the National Flood Insurance Program. As it has developed, our noses were right. more »»

Dispute Dragged On Far Too Long

April 12, 2014 Steubenville officials were right to stick with a $2.5 million lawsuit over a water system pump station. Sometimes, public officials simply give up on such attempts to recover the public’s money. more »»

Charter School Rules Needed

April 11, 2014 Charter schools, with some taxpayer assistance, are excellent alternatives to public education in some places. more »»

Caring for West Virginia Children

April 11, 2014 For all the liberal claims that Obamacare merits credit for providing health insurance coverage to those who lacked it previously, some states have been doing the job just as well — or better —... more »»

Learning Causes Of Mass Violence

April 10, 2014 Students at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, P. more »»

Creating New Jobs in W.Va.

April 10, 2014 Next Tuesday may be the deadline to file both state and federal income tax returns, but we West Virginians finished paying our taxes today, according to this year’s “Tax Freedom Day” repor. more »»

Good for Those Who Get Involved

April 10, 2014 It appears police in Daytona Beach Shores, Fla., were able to apprehend two East Ohioans who are suspects in a murder because a Buckeye State tourist decided to get involved. more »»

Burden Under Obama Is Growing Steadily

April 10, 2014 Tax Freedom Day for Americans, on average, is April 21 this year. more »»

Keeping Coal Miners Safe

April 9, 2014 Coal mining is hazardous enough when safety rules are followed to the letter. When they are broken, the risk increases — and that is unacceptable. more »»

Attorney Wastes High Court’s Time

April 9, 2014 Surely the five justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court have better things to do than decide whether a lawyer ought to pay a $25 parking ticket. Yet last week, they had to do just tha. more »»

Protecting Children From Drug Addicts

April 9, 2014 Like their counterparts in most states, Ohio legislators have had to set spending priorities during the past few years. Some very worthwhile programs have had funding cut or eliminate. more »»

Help Find Cameron Cemetery Vandals

April 9, 2014 With any luck, someone knows something that will help the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department bring to justice the perpetrator(s) of an outrageous act of vandalism at a cemetery. more »»

Help Ohioans Earn Diplomas

April 8, 2014 More than a million Ohio adults never graduated from high school. Every year, about 24,000 teenagers join them by dropping out of school. more »»

Check Pros, Cons On Annexation

April 8, 2014 Annexation of areas outside municipal limits traditionally has been a way for towns and cities to grow not just in population but also in revenue. more »»

Coping With Mental Illness in the Military

April 8, 2014 Programs to help U.S. servicemen and women suffering from mental challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder, have been around for decades. Clearly, more effort needs to be put into them. more »»

Liberals Want New Taxes, More Debt

April 8, 2014 It used to be that liberals were known as the tax-and-spend crowd. Now they are the tax, borrow and spend group, as a federal budget proposal unveiled Monday makes plain. more »»

Paying Down Debt Is Wise

April 7, 2014 Belmont County commissioners are doing the smart thing with a windfall of more than $3 million. more »»

Germany Is Good Site for Conference

April 7, 2014 It is appropriate that a major conference on climate change — and what to do about it — is being held this week in Berlin. more »»

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