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Stiff Penalties Not Warranted

March 4, 2016 Not a day goes by in downtown Wheeling without hundreds of people breaking a law. more »»

Avoiding Expensive Government Projects

March 4, 2016 Sometime within the next five years, taxpayers probably will have to find $250 million to replace a key bridge at Washington, D.C. more »»

Meeting Costly State Mandates

March 3, 2016 Belmont village officials may be about to learn an expensive lesson about dealing with employees. The sooner it is sorted out — and, if necessary, arrangements are made to pay the bill — the bette. more »»

Common Sense Missing in D.C.

March 3, 2016 Some people may wonder whether federal bureaucrats are required to stop at their office buildings’ front doors every morning and drop off their common sense before beginning the day’s work. more »»

Making People Think at WVU

March 3, 2016 On college and university campuses throughout the country, students are being encouraged not to think about matters that make them uncomfortabl. more »»

Cut Loophole Out Of Hotel-Motel Tax

March 3, 2016 A loophole in West Virginia’s hotel-motel tax is depriving many cities and counties — especially in our area — of revenue they could use to hold taxes down for local residents. more »»

Marijuana Plan Language Critical

March 2, 2016 Allowing sale and possession of marijuana for recreational purposes remains a novel idea, and for good reason. more »»

Enact Measure On Infrastructure

March 2, 2016 With just hours to spare, a bill that could help some West Virginia counties put tax dollars to excellent use was approved Tuesday by the state Senat. more »»

Keeping Schools Safe From Violence

March 2, 2016 Children should not be afraid to go to school, for fear someone will appear with a gun, knife or bomb and begin shedding blood. For the vast majority of students, there is no need for such fear. more »»

Defending Private Property in W.Va.

March 2, 2016 Private property rights are important in a deeply personal way to many West Virginians. more »»

Ensuring Insiders’ Candidate Is Winner

March 2, 2016 Democrat Party leaders have enjoyed the Republican Party’s presidential nominating chaos simply because it empowers the candidate they already have decreed will represent them — Hillary Clinton. more »»

Government’s Ethanol Mandate Forces Consumers to Pay More

March 2, 2016 The Environmental Protection Agency wants Americans to pay more for their groceries. That’s the only way to explain the agency’s decision to mandate the use of corn-based ethanol in our gas supply. more »»

Some in Political Establishment Still Don’t Understand Revolt

March 2, 2016 Step back from the campaign fray for just a moment and consider the enormity of what’s already occurred. more »»

Now Not Time To Boost Taxes

March 1, 2016 The very last thing West Virginians, including small businesses that drive our economy, need is higher taxes. more »»

Make Government’s Computers Secure

March 1, 2016 If you have used the Internal Revenue Service’s computerized program to obtain copies of your old tax returns, there is an excellent chance criminals have personal information about you. more »»

Session’s Final Days Full of Peril

March 1, 2016 Observant West Virginians have become accustomed to being on edge during the closing days of the state Legislature’s regular sessions. more »»

Corrupt Officials Should Be Fired

March 1, 2016 The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s former chief security officer knew two people he hired in 2011 had criminal backgrounds, an inspector general’s report has revealed. more »»

Battling Abuse At Federal Level

February 29, 2016 Both of West Virginia’s U.S. senators have serious concerns about whether the federal government is doing enough to fight the drug abuse epidemic. more »»

Free, Vigorous Press Is Vital

February 29, 2016 No doubt many politicians, both Republican and Democrat, cheered Donald Trump silently for a comment he made last week. more »»

Clinton Still Getting Away With Coverup

February 29, 2016 Dozens of military intelligence analysts complained last year they were pressured to alter reports to make it look as if U.. more »»

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