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Ohioans Misled About Obamacare

March 22, 2014 With the list of broken promises about Obamacare growing longer by the day, it should come as no surprise to Ohioans that they are affected directly by one hollow pledge. more »»

Winning War Against Heroin

March 21, 2014 A Tuesday discussion of the heroin epidemic in Jefferson County made it clear the only solution is a kind of total war against the enemy. more »»

Encouraging Students to Excel

March 21, 2014 As we reported a few days ago, important scientific research has been conducted regarding three important topics — development of an economical new building material for people in developing... more »»

Obamacare Website Far From Repaired

March 21, 2014 President Barack Obama and other liberals brag frequently that problems with the Obamacare website — — have been corrected. more »»

Don’t Repeat Errors On Juvenile Offenders

March 21, 2014 No one can say how many hardened criminals came out of West Virginia’s juvenile detention system during several years of mismanagement that seem to have ende. more »»

Be Partners In ‘Right-Sizing’

March 20, 2014 Wheeling City Council members have taken one step in what amounts to re-prioritizing municipal government finances. Though the next step will be far more difficult, they should take it, too. more »»

Discipline Needed, But Not for Student

March 20, 2014 Clearly, a three-day suspension was merited in the case of 10-year-old Nathan Entingh, a fifth-grader in a Columbus elementary schoo. more »»

Increase Jail Inspections

March 19, 2014 New regulations for local jails in Ohio are an improvement over the old rules in some respects. more »»

Obama Reaction Useless, Absurd

March 19, 2014 Russian leader Vladimir Putin and many other world leaders know how to use power. They understand diplomacy, military might and economics. Some use their personalities to exert pressure. more »»

Veto Planning Period Limit

March 18, 2014 Good managers expect results from those whose work they supervise. They make expectations clear, then avoid telling people how to do their jobs. more »»

Monitor In-Home Care Providers

March 18, 2014 For too many years, state policymakers viewed West Virginia’s Aged and Disabled Waiver program for Medicaid patients in exactly the wrong way. They saw it as an expense to be avoide. more »»

Local Police Merit Praise for Arrest

March 18, 2014 Police in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., had been looking for Charles Severance for several days. Though a warrant for his arrest had been out for some time, Severance eluded authoritie. more »»

Obama Foreign Policy Is Toothless

March 18, 2014 By an overwhelming margin, voters in the Crimea region of Ukraine agreed Sunday to separate and establish an independent nation. more »»

Flood Insurance Trouble Not Over

March 17, 2014 It should have come as no surprise that officials in the National Flood Insurance Program took a 2012 reform law as license to do whatever they pleased. more »»

State Should Repair Roads

March 17, 2014 Marshall County commissioners’ reluctance to become involved in highway maintenance is appropriate. more »»

Attorney General Change Welcome

March 17, 2014 During just the past 14 months, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has returned about $16.5 million to the state’s general fund. more »»

Obama Sets Record For Keeping Secrets

March 17, 2014 When President Barack Obama took office, he promised Americans the most transparent administration in history. Just the opposite has occurred. more »»

Safeguarding Right to Know

March 16, 2014 No sooner do elected officials proclaim their regard for a free press and an informed public than — often in meetings held covertly — they begin chipping away at their constituents’ right to know. more »»

Avoiding Fiscal Cliff in W.Va.

March 16, 2014 West Virginia has reached a turning point. The road state government is on leads to a fiscal cliff of the same kind many other states have gone over during the past few years. more »»

Going Extra Mile To Convict Rapists

March 16, 2014 Earlier this year, we urged West Virginia legislators to approve a bill intended to improve how health care professionals handle evidence gathered in rape cases. more »»

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