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Even With the Deal Reached, Economy Still Faces Damage

January 2, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Even as lawmakers avoided the so-called fiscal cliff, higher taxes and brinksmanship in Washington are likely to continue damaging the fragile economy well into 2013....

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Jan-03-13 7:27 AM

even the chinese boots are $100.00 now.the glue in them is junk.i buy stuff that is made in any other country at this point.tired of filling up the trashcan.this government is banning the importation of incadecent lightbulbs but we're allowed to have all that trash.ban the imports of everything and put our people back to work.i can't see what's so hard about fixing this place.

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Jan-02-13 4:57 PM

if I can give 26% of nothing even befor ir's earned the rich can give 40% of something others handed them . The rich forget the other people are who buy their cheap labor imported junk at inflated developed country market rate.

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Jan-02-13 4:53 PM

in honesty can't we agree the rich can well afford to take a back seat for part of the trip. They should consider playing nice and sharing the ball now to possibly avoidhaving their ball, bat, glove, sneakers, cap, chewing gum and braces taken later. TYhey could be standing in a soup line in their drawers along with the regular Americans who earned all the easy money for them.

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Jan-02-13 4:49 PM

no complaints from third world citizens. they must be riding a market surge with use to be US job market.

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Jan-02-13 1:10 PM

so we renewed the Bush Tax Cuts again! Reality is very hard to comprehend so often we don't bother. Bush was bad, right? And yet the Bush tax cuts which were implemented by Bush during his term, resulted in turning back recession, but they had a short shelf life. They called for no tax increase to the middle class (consumers), tax breaks for people investing in business, hiring more workers, building inventory (buying) or investing in new technology. And it gave each taxpayer making under $100K a $600.00 rebate check. It put $20 billion in the retail market rightway, and was opposed by Dems who protested that it allowed only taxpayers to get the rebate check and not the 47% nonfunctioning people. And yet Obama has renewed that twice now and that is what kept the MIDDLE CLASS from being taxed harder. So Obama does the rich guy rant and people just chant like magpies, but Obama IS the rich guy, and left D.C. for his $7 million taxpayer vacation on Air Force One. Reality, wow.

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Jan-02-13 6:21 AM

Now wait a minute. Right before the election we heard HOW GREAT the economy was doing, recession over, millions of jobs created . . . . .

Now it is worse than in 2008???

You mean the mainstream press LIED to us to get Obama elected????


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Jan-02-13 6:11 AM

how about a limit on how much food a prisoner can consume?my nephew was in for a year and gained an honest 50lbs.what about welfare cuts?those people are all fat.their grandparents were on welfare and were fat.all we are doing here is shooting ourselves in the foot.take a look at the real world people.these politicians have led such sheltered lives that they just don't know.the working group shall pay again.the politicians must make sure that we[the working group] all don't get laid off or they'll get to see how the real world is.

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