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Chief: More Cruisers Needed

Voters’ repeal of the two-officer mandate requires new cars

January 2, 2013

WHEELING — Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger will ask City Council to add four additional cruisers to his fleet — a direct result of the November election overturning a law that required him to assign......

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Jan-04-13 5:27 PM

I agree Lori. I have a couple of friends on the wheeling force and they do not uphold the bad behavior. One has told me how certain cops profile people and it is well known. Not always as you would think. One profiler always pulled over young women.

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Jan-04-13 8:35 AM

@Bloomin, No problem. No I don't think Kotson is a good guy. He is a jerk and he needs to be in jail for along time. Cops like him are the reason police get a bad name. I hope and pray he doesn't get away with what he did, that would be sooo wrong.

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Jan-04-13 2:48 AM

Lori-I apologize, I wasnt meaning to be ignorant, just figured you are the wife of a cop, and would understand your concern of lay off.

WVU-your rights are not important, and believing that you have any "rights" in this town is enough to get you arrested.

Why souldnt these steubenville boys get away with rape-the police do all the time. These people are modeling and leading our youth. Kudo's to those with integrity, not for the "bad apples"

We should be more concerned about having enough nurses in hospitals and nursing homes. The shortage is much more inhumane and dangerous that a fender bender having to wait a few minutes while the po-po get their fresh donuts.

How many cops tell victims of crimes in wheeling "you are wasting my time". Must be taught. They should be worried about CNN about now.

However, I do think you need to take the blinders of. You think Kotsons a good guy? My father was a lawyer, but that does not make them all ethical and the

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Jan-03-13 11:05 PM

Maybe it is time to bring back the horse patrol. Horse are cheaper than cars.

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Jan-03-13 11:02 PM

No need to buy cars start with bringing back the walking beat policeman. Just split the turn with another officer half on foot and half driving around. Save money and brings the officers back to the communities on the street level.

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Jan-03-13 10:58 PM

No more care start with a walking on a beat and taking turns riding around in a car. Also, the bike is good for the health for any one over weight. Stop with the big city spending since Wheeling is just a little city. No need for all the frills like big cities have on TV.

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Jan-03-13 1:39 PM

WWUTHINKING, Iam confused. Who would have killed the police officer and his family? The FBI agents??

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Jan-03-13 9:27 AM

@Bloomin No iam not sleeping with any of the police. That is an ignorant comment. My brother is a Wv State trooper and i know several Wheeling Police officers (past and present) that are fine upstanding man and women who would do anything to help someone in need! You can't judge them all because of a few bad apples.

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Jan-03-13 5:49 AM

wheeling has 87 cops?better buy them some dirtbikes for the curb jumpers.the all wheel drive cars will cost a lot more to fix if you practice this.cops need to take personal responsibility for the cars they are tear it up you fix it.there was a thing in the military called "abuse of a government vehicle".if you did this you would be thrown in the brig.we knew better.

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Jan-02-13 11:42 PM

I see there were 2 arrests in ohio county in the past 24 hrs. Im sure there were some other calls. They should publish ALL calls on their website like some other cities. It would help others understand how busy they are.

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Jan-02-13 11:27 PM

An officer told me that its ok to take a nap in the cemetary or along the road-long as you dont get caught.

I remember a time when a steelworker friend who worked midnight bragged about sleeping have the night.

I guess all good gigs come to an end. Theres no room in our economy for dead weight-anywhere, not just with cops. If they need to cut back, they can find jobs elsewhere. Plants and hospitals have laid off workers. No profession is exempt.

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Jan-02-13 10:16 PM

An officer told me that wpd answered over 50k calls in 2012. That's a lot for a little Podunk town, as some put it. I think the pd is busier than anyone imagines.

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Jan-02-13 8:41 PM

I only run into Columbo and Dick Tracy-investigation team.

In all honesty, I went through a dui checkpoint a few weeks ago and the officers were very polite. Just doing their job. Seems like a waste of their time though.

Seriously, if they want more cars, why not get in on a piece of the action with the feds that take the drug dealers cars. Dont they have an Escalade from a deal? Maybe thats sheriff?

I have heard they do a lot of profiling here. Seems like they like out of staters.

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Jan-02-13 8:35 PM

Another police state and government out of control

Ratcheting up the police state and expanding their oppression over the people

They don't need license plate recognition software and cameras for their illegal fishing expeditions all they need is a 38 special and a plain 4 door sedan! 87 officers is REDICULOUS for a dried up little podunk village like Wheeling!

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Jan-02-13 7:57 PM

Do you mean the Richard Roundtree Shaft or the Samuel L. Jackson Shaft?

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Jan-02-13 7:35 PM

He said he has enough cruisers but wants extra. I watch the show Alaska state police they are one to a car and have much more to police. Warwood use to be pretty quiet but the more rental property there is the more trouble we have. And there are a few wheeling police who have that john Wayne syndrome I don't no his name but the one black cop thinks he is shaft.

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Jan-02-13 5:18 PM

LoraAA-yes, eliminate jobs. Get rid of the bad apples. Are we the tax payers suppose to pay for unnecessary employment? Which one are you in bed with?

One bad apple eh? How bout one bad potato. Did you ever discover that one little rotten potato in that ten pound plastic bag? It reaks and slimes on the rest of the bag. Yep, one bad tater ruins it for all the other spuds.

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Jan-02-13 3:35 PM

If you couldn't tell by now I have the utmost respect for all police officers, city, state wherever. They have one of the most thankless but most dangerous jobs of anyone. Yes there are a few bad apples out there, but there are more upstanding officers then there are bad ones. Iam sure you have heard the saying "One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch"

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Jan-02-13 2:51 PM

WWUTHINKING, if it were up to you there wouldn't be any police in wheeling. They can't seem to do anything right in your book.

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Jan-02-13 2:23 PM

So what exactly do you think they should do with all the officers now that there is only 1 per car, fire them? More jobs lost. That would really help our economy. Then people would be crying that there isn't enough police presence in Wheeling.

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Jan-02-13 2:15 PM

How about the police cars parked outside schools. and not being used. I say CARS, because at times there 2 & 3. This city reminds me of the Fed Gov. Spend-Spend-Spend. No accountability.

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Jan-02-13 1:49 PM

You city folk voted for this, don't complain when the city asks for more cars to do the same job. Doesn't effect my rural Ohio County self.

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Jan-02-13 1:47 PM

WWUTHINKING, No diagreeing with more of your police bashing as usual.

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Jan-02-13 11:23 AM

WWUthinking....I completely agree. The way too close following of police vehicles to innocent citizens has got to stop. Also...the run to NRJ is very dangerous. I see Wheeling police vehicles flying down Rt. 2 transporting their mostly-innocent arrestees quite often. Way too fast. The local police have forgotten their main protect and service the citizens...not to harass, intimidate, falsly arrest/detain, or overstep their power in all of society. I respect police and their work...but Wheeling seems to be going over the edge on power trips and false arrests.

Citizens of Wheeling, WV - live free..we are not a police state.

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Jan-02-13 9:53 AM

Where did all those cute little 3-wheeled thingys go? Now THAT’S what we need. More of those. Because they make that ride to the station so much fun. WHEEEEEE!

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