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New Officers Start Training

March 25, 2013

Many law enforcement hopefuls have found the rigors of the West Virginia State Police Academy too much to bear, but Wheeling Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger has no doubt the four new hires he’s......

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Mar-28-13 12:39 PM

Displaced, please CAREFULLY re-read the article.

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Mar-28-13 1:00 AM

I will say a prayer for you Alpha, and for your wife and family if you have one. Only God can help some injured souls find their way back.

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Mar-27-13 10:46 PM

With friends like that, you must be happy that don't ask don't tell has been lifted. Now you can find a new bunch to dribble on your chin. No mystery why they kept you around. When one does sew another's mouth closed, do the marks heal?

And I am saying you are not military. I am not that, nor Leo. But I believe the officers over your whiny account. Just admit that you are a criminal and start the healing process.

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Mar-27-13 6:51 PM

Barking up the wrong tree, spray bottle. Not everyone shares your hatred and ignorance of law enforcement. And don't you attempt to pass yourself off as military. No military man would have your disrespect or inability to not be a criminal.

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Mar-26-13 9:37 PM

No, your understanding is incorrect. Paramilitary refers to both rank structure and a strict military discipline regimen where the cadets and officers are "yes sir, no sir", marching, and singing cadence during runs. It has nothing to do with swat, at all.

Swat style raids are done in that manner because drug dealers carry guns and will flush and destroy evidence or have time to get their guns.

Who do you think is responsible for any a d all shootings in this city? All drug dealers.

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Mar-26-13 9:10 PM

UNCOMMONSENSE-the article states that they are replacing those who are leaving, not expanding the current number of officers.

My understanding is that paramilitary training is like swat teams, often used in drug busts in the middle of the night. There are many studies that show that this tactic is overused, particularly for non violent drug criminals. Studies show that it has lasting effects on children, neighbors, and innocent bystanders, and on occasion they get the wrong house-scaring people in the middle of the night and possibly causing emotional scarring for life. Is this necessary? I dont know-when the drug indictments come down, will criminals attempt to flee? Sure some will, but studies show more use of this for minor offenses. Makes no sense to me. Im guessing they have good reason for approaching in this manner. Sad that innocent must be effected by this.

Were early posts deleted? That may be the reason for APD2010 being offended and calling posters ignorant and unthou

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Mar-26-13 5:57 PM

So they ar continuing to EXPAND the police state for a town that ALREADY has FAR too many officers for a drued up podunk town!

And the police chief goes on record as SUPPORTING the "paramilitary" training!!!


Why do local cops need "PARAMILITARY" training????

Sure sounds like NAZI Germany to me!!

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Mar-26-13 6:10 AM

Congress wants to take our guns and many here want to take our cops. All criminals perhaps??

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Mar-25-13 8:03 PM

I also think that to be a good cop you can't be thin skinned, and after completing training, I find it unlikely that after that kind of endurance, those who succeed will be discouraged or hurt by any of these comments. Those who are will not make good cops as people will say much worse in person when they are intoxicated and being taken away-and I would hope that those hired would not let their emotions get in the way. So APS2010 and Jackylu98, while Im sure I would be protective, I bet your brother/son doesn't need it or he would not have gotten this far. Least I hope so. Hard not to protect those we love. So remember when you are arresting A-holes,drunks, mentally ill, they have people who love them too.

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Mar-25-13 7:54 PM

APS2010-First I want to thank you for acknowledging that some cops are not good at being cops. (wish those were all the ones leaving and being replaced). If it were my brother or son, I might be offended too. I don't think anyones comments were personal toward those chosen for the position.

I have read many posts for articles about wheeling police dept news over some time now. Many believe that over policing causes ordinary citizens to fear j walking charges. I have never gotten a speeding ticket or other ticket myself, but I have been in car with another driver when pulled over. I have witnessed very courtious cops doing their job and witnessed ticket given, and some real A holes. I personally agree that we have too many officers per capita and crime rate currently, and the city should consider not replacing some retiree's-just like other professions that are harder pressed in this economy. But its not my call. Best wishes to all hired.

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Mar-25-13 6:21 PM

That's great that you're proud of your son/brother. That still doesn't change the fact that Wheeling, comparatively speaking, has too many officers for its population, size, and amount of crime. Just the stats, mam(s).

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Mar-25-13 4:50 PM

Thank you APS2010 for saying what I feel. One of the young men pictured is my son, and he has worked hard to get this position. His family and friends are very proud of his accomplishments. Congrats to all the new officers!

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Mar-25-13 2:26 PM

Seems odd! The police force goes up- The crime {All Types} rate goes up. Someone is not doing something, As a kid years + years back, I could walk anywhere and feel safe. NOW????

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Mar-25-13 12:39 PM

@WWUthinking While I do agree with your statement that there are some cops on the force that really*****at what they do, I think the generalized comments of "you shouldn't have hired anyone" is just a little degrading if one of the newly hired would read this. I guess if I were in the paper and finally got the job I had always wanted and all the comments were directed at they should be hiring me (even anyone in general), it wouldn't feel to good. Everyone has the right to speak their own opinion, I just think some people are extremely unthoughtful when they speak theirs. And they are the same type of people that complain no matter what the circumstances. I think when you post on stories like this, people should be a little more considerate.

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Mar-25-13 10:11 AM

First of all, they didn't add more, they filled vacant spots. Second, I feel much safer with more cops on patrol because our small city's crime rate is getting worse. I'm sorry you don't realize and see how hard they work. Third, that is my brother in the picture and I am so proud of him. He worked so hard for this and always wanted to be a cop. It is sad we have so many people who look for any way to complain and spread their misery to other people. I only hope that my brother doesn't take the time to read your ignorant comments. I use ignorant in its correct term as not knowing. You simply have no idea, and judge what you see without knowing facts. I would hate to take away from what he worked so hard to earn. Congrats to him.

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Mar-25-13 9:52 AM

Population is only one measurement when determining size of police force; area/amount of ground to be covered is a major factor and while Wheeling's population may be decreasing, city limits aren't.

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Mar-25-13 9:36 AM

The city had a perfect opportunity to reduce the size of the overstaffed police department by not filling vacancies and what do they do; hire more officers. The city manager and police chief should be fired. Is there anyone in a position of responsibility in Wheeling who has an iota of business sense?

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Mar-25-13 8:51 AM know what I think....

Way too many police officers and resources to support them...instead of fixing our sewage system, building business, and preserving the awesome historic structures that exist...too many grants for prosecutors to chase..this business of "law enforcement" is self-feeding and insatiable...if the majority of city tax dollars are going toward law enforcement anyway...instead of city growth, then what's the point?

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Mar-25-13 8:13 AM

I understand that tom492.

I am saying that Wheeling still needs less police officers. It is a shrinking community, yet is still staffed at levels back when the population was much higher. I posted the stats a couple of years ago relating to the number of police officers per capita in Wheeling, and compared it to other large cities both in WV and the U.S. Wheeling, on a per capita basis, had a lot more officers than most if not all of the cities that were cited. If memory serves, I believe that a comparable staffing level of officers on a per capita basis for a city the size of Wheeling was around 53-55 officers. If I can find the data again, I'll re-post it.

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Mar-25-13 7:54 AM

He noted the city is not increasing the size of its force with the new hires; instead it is filling positions vacated by retirements and other departures.

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Mar-25-13 7:30 AM

Wheeling needs less cops, not more!!!!!! Pretty soon they'll have to build a separate parking garage just for the city and county cop cars. It's getting ridiculous.

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