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Moral Compass May Be Missing

March 29, 2013

Among the most disturbing moments in the trial of two Jefferson County teenagers convicted of raping a Weirton girl — and there were lots of disquieting comments made — was when a witness said he......

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Mar-31-13 5:02 PM

Morals have left the country as the Progressives have taken over..the spirit of God is in everyone that wants it to be. This is not religon.Many Religons have their own goals.Not that different from your political leaders. To control their flock. Funny how so few are really free,even though they think they are.

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Mar-30-13 8:36 PM

where is whoops pointing? seems he can't stay on the subject and is trying to spread hate. pot calling the kettle rusted lol.

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Mar-30-13 8:35 PM

chruch is not the answer. your either evil or your not. god gave everyone free will. all the kids my kids have over are respectful and kind hearted. not sure where your kids hang out. maybe the problem is the parent not knowing their children these days.

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Mar-30-13 12:40 PM

"Whoops. Am I really responding to this idiot?"

Where was Congressman Anthony Weiner's moral "compass" pointing?

Where is Senator Chuck Schumer's moral compass pointing?

Where is the City of Detroit's moral compass pointing?

Where was Solyndra's moral compass pointing?

Where is George Soros' moral compass pointing?

Where is Nancy Pelosi's moral compass pointing?

Where is Barry Soetoro's muslim moral compass pointing?

Where is Chris Matthew's moral compass pointing?

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Mar-30-13 12:07 PM

By the way Whoops, you have a real ax to grind.

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Mar-30-13 12:04 PM

Moral cumpass may be missing? It is missing.

Without the character development that was part of society in the past we as individuals and a nation no longer have a conscience.

Most people on the street would find this laughable, but growing up I was taught no sex unless you are married. If this was the overall attitude of sociey, there is a good chance the rape would not have happened. Does any parent fear their daughter being raped by a decent man? Of course not.

Over the past 50 years, we have made smoking "not cool" and drunk driving a crime. Society has an interest in good individuals, we just all have be be in agreement.

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Mar-30-13 10:12 AM

I need to correct my first post. There were several allegations of rape accusing WPHS athletes 20 yrs ago. I dont believe anyone ever investigated because the girls were hanging out with the boys. Date rape/friend rape was not recognized, even marital rape had just began to be recognized nationally.

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Mar-30-13 10:03 AM

Whoops-like your comment about your moral compass. Good one. Today, pursuit of power, fame, money, and attention of peers, at any cost. Why do they do it, same reason as their adult models, because they can, or so they thought. Without annonymous, the officials would not have seized phones and got the truth. They would deny and lie, just as they were taught by "pillars of community" coaches, prosecutors, etc. A thorough investigation would not have happened.

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Mar-30-13 9:55 AM

Most know the lords prayer. The centre market was packed on Friday, with those who were getting their fish on Good Friday, I think they know the Lords Prayer. They were angry, blowing horns, fighting over parking spots, making hand gestures, and they were not our youth nor looking at all like left wingers. A bunch of hateful christians is what I saw. Some do the right thing without the fear of God. Some believe they can do any act and that good old confession will save them.

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Mar-30-13 6:41 AM

The left's 40 year war on religion and family has brought us to this point. The LBJ Great Society programs destroyed the need for two parent homes and self-sufficiency and the wacko left constantly beat the drum against organized religion, conveniently ignoring the fact that atheists = mass murder.

This has reached its zenith, now, when Planned Parenthood, founded to engage in Eugenics to destroy the black population, now supports the murder of an already born child. The next logical step is sick children, then seniors, then handicapped adults, then conservatives.

Think I am being paranoid? This is how it starts. With baby steps. Once you get your foot in the door, it is difficult to shut that door.

Our loss of two-parent homes with people who attend church and our loss of shame and pride (and morals and work ethic) have destroyed the very fabric of our nation.

So murder children, let millions of illegals in and bash God and support gay marriage. It's all relative today

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Mar-30-13 6:08 AM

do you people even know the Lords Prayer? It is a universal prayer..non is about forgiving others and yourself for wrong doing...saying it once/ day to start the school session didn't do any harm to anyone and in fact most likely did some "Good" for many students to give up thoughts of hurting others...with all the real crap our kids learn in school, saying one short prayer wouldn't hurt one young mind at all...

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Mar-29-13 9:04 PM

Schools are not going to provide the education and/or guidance on such material. This is a reflection of the ignorance of men in this area. (sorry guys-if it doesnt apply to you, great) This is passed down through the family. Men act like children in this area. Wifes often treat them like children, having to remind them of basics. A relative from another area came here to visit and noticed immediately-dont ask a man here to do anything or any reasonable question. This happened at WPHS over 20 yr ago, and coach andy had one of the rapist living with him Several athletes raped girls, it was covered up then and would be now if not for annonymous. The men that dont rape or beat females get kudo's for not, so they get treated like they are great just because they dont beat and rape. If they have a job and brush their teeth, 2 more pats on the back. Its very sad. This kid that says he didnt know is full of something. Males pretend to know nothing here, except for here, where they know it al

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Mar-29-13 3:30 PM

impact, agreed. It's not for the gov't to provide religious instruction. Parents must do some actual parenting and instill standards of behavior.

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Mar-29-13 3:07 PM

I agree with both of these comments to an extent. However, religion and moral training don't belong in public schools, or other government forums. That is the task of parents and they ahve been shirking this responsibility for too long. Government needn't and shouldn't, under the First Amendment, be involved in promoting any religious belief or creed

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Mar-29-13 2:10 PM

the moral compass for the people of this ccountry has been under attack for some time...humans by themselves are left to do just about anything to anyone at one time or another...the Govt. and the courts have decided that God and prayer should not be in should be no surprise that empathy by most has been thrown out with the respect for human life when abortion on demand became the law of the land...something such as just saying the Lords Prayer every day before the start of school could have a positive effect on many,but doubt this will happen anytime soon...

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Mar-29-13 9:10 AM

In Missouri, members of a high school girls' basketball team put urine into the oppposing team's water cooler. We are raising a generation of sociopaths who seem to be devoid of any human empathy. Maybe it's time to get back to church and learn the Golden Rule.

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