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Memorial Park’s Future in Jeopardy; Looking For a Job?

March 31, 2013

Thousands of people who have enjoyed fun events like picnics, swimming, parties, sporting events, tennis and just plain leisurely time away from the hectic workplace and fast pace of living will......

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Apr-07-13 4:15 PM

Back in the day, local industry was BOOMING and EVERYBODY was working making BIG money!

That coupled with the fact that families were MUCH larger so their kids needed something to do and there was no internet, smart phones, or video games back then so drive inn movie theatres, roller skating rinks, and bowling allies filled their entertainment needs

Today, the drive inns are all gone, as are the bowling allies and skating rinks so swimming pools are simply going the same way

What is also VERY telling as to how poorly the progressive liberal governments run things is the St Clairsville memorial park example

Their own handout literature states "Memorial park has NEVER had an operating levy since 1950"

So WHY does it need one NOW!!!!!!

The answer is simple, the liberals don't know how to turn a profit!!!

The people are paying RECORD tax levels as it is and these clowns now want even MORE to prop up a pool and park that has no business plan!!!

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Apr-04-13 6:16 AM

Progressive liberals have no concept of running something that actually MAKES money!!

Why can't this park generate a PROFIT!

Far as the 10 dollar addition to license plates, that is simply sticking it to the people!!!

While many are lining their pockets with gas industry bribes, they REFUSE to make THEM pay for the road and bridge damage that THEY are causing!!

You have THOUSANDS of gypsy workers that have been here MORE than 30 days yet pay not one thin DIME in taxes, registration or license fees!!

Then these same commissioners are throwing away money on refurbishing the old sheriffs residence when it CLEARLY should have been torn down!!

The school levies are yet ANOTHER joke!

First of all we are ALL tired of funding schools that NONE of OUR kids or grand kids will ever attend!!

And they continue to pay 6 figure salaries to Superintendents for EVERY school district!!

It's absolutely amazing how they spend OUR money like there is no limit!!!

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Mar-31-13 10:25 PM

how much did biden spend in one night?

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Mar-31-13 4:21 PM

The concept that there is unlimited money is something we have to dispell. The President, in his quest to bankrupt the nation and its future, has chosen to cut services that are meant to upset us into accepting the spending of money we don't have. The curtailing of services like recreation, parks and even youth activities is an indicator not of cutbacks but of spending and priorities. Obama spent nearly $20 billion US dollars in to overthrow Momar Ghadafy in Libya. No one asked him to do that, it was not an internsational emergency, but he chose to spend those resources there. And in the last month the new SOS John Kerry took big PGA sized checks for $450 million to Egypt and the new Islamic Libya. Those are choices that Obama has made on his own and he has no problem going on camera and telling us that if he is not allowed to create more debt, the old folks won't get there SS checks. Money for small airports, parks, education, etc? Those choices are not important to him.

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Mar-31-13 1:56 PM

I would hate to see this park fail. This just "MIGHT" be one of the many levies worth while. Fo course, I know only what I have read.

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