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Wheeling Firefighter Charged With Driving Under the Influence

April 3, 2013

WHEELING — State Police arrested city firefighter Brian Joltes for drunken driving after stopping his vehicle early Sunday on National Road....

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Apr-04-13 7:23 PM

legal6..does it matter? i don't have to count on them to save a life or drive to a burning house.

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Apr-04-13 5:36 PM

How many people that work for this paper have a dui?

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Apr-04-13 11:43 AM

my children are both of age and i still spend a great amout of time with them. my son and i fish, hunt, play hockey an football. i go shopping with my daughter or go to a bookstore. why feel self pity and feel the need to get buzzed on booze? get buzzed on life, children, nature.

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Apr-04-13 11:40 AM

wish people had better things to do with their time than drink. why not go play ball with your son? have a tea party with your daughter. if you don't have children be a big brother or sister. why waste your life drinking and risking my and my families life when you drive? it's not the kids of today i am worried's the adults with no sense.

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Apr-04-13 8:06 AM

Do ya think that the big alcohol distributors sit back and laugh at all of the idiots making them rich and ruining their lives? I'll bet they do. DRINK RESPONSIBLY.................FOOLS !!

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Apr-04-13 1:46 AM

We have a very astute poster here, but the Alpha still reaks of sewage.

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Apr-04-13 1:43 AM

Wow hohumm, you certainly have alot of information on this stuff.

When the soldier comes back from Iraq and tells friends he is going to blow the cops head off, it tends to stick. I dont think people realize how the drinking problem and infedelity go hand in hand and not only hurt the unknowing spouse, but the children and many others who get drug into their mess. Almost always, one person is a drunk, the other is along for the ride. Could care less what others do, just keep drunks off road and when the disgruntled husband want to shoot someone, let him at his target and not an innocent bystander.

Alpha I think the pd is keeping nose clean because problems have been recognized. They just paid 55K for a bad policy and harrassing citizens and would have paid a lot more if the plaintiff attorney did not die. Yep, Im interested in pd, dui's, criminal activity, social injustice, abused children, womens issues, etc. It part of my job.

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Apr-04-13 12:42 AM

hohumm and valley are both one in the same posting under two different names so someone will agree with each. BOTH KNOW NOTHING BUT RUMOR AND POST GOSSIP AS FACT. You don't even have MERLIN'S name right.

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Apr-03-13 10:26 PM

Great comment hohumm Merlin is outta control

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Apr-03-13 10:24 PM

Getaclue is village idiot every town has one he's probably firefighter that was into child **** few years ago typical degenerate firefighter

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Apr-03-13 8:56 PM

This is now a spiderman thread..

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Apr-03-13 8:44 PM

Wow! Someone is a gossip queen. So sad to have nothing better to do than to keep track of who is doing what. Obsessed?

As for another ft DUI, helms needs to clean house. With over one hundred fire fighters in the city, these guys should be a bit more careful not to bring bad press. Same for wpd. With the exception of kotson, they have kept their nose clean lately, well if you don't count the anonymous posting of someone that clearly has a fixation with everything wpd.

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Apr-03-13 7:48 PM

hohumm-so what you are saying is that the valley is full of lying cheating drunken violent people? I dont know how you keep the donkeys straight, who is doing what. Sounds like whats been going on with WPD-the cop that has allegedly been charged with excessive force several time had his wife stolen by a fellow officer. Yet another officer has no problem publicly dating the wife of a soldier in Iraq. Too much time on hands.

Hefner I couldnt agree more. Personally, I think the city is playing offense, as they know that their own have had special treatment for too long and the cat is about to be let out of the bag with up-coming allegations. I think the city manager is making examples out of these people.

Accoustal-thats right and its not about to change. Too many starving lawyers. Must keep people employed and justify that they will be increasing LE in the near future-its coming.

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Apr-03-13 4:02 PM

Joltes is a good guy. It is unfortunate that his arrest is the one that makes news but coaches, college professors, clergy and others get swept under the rug. Perhaps rather than point fingers and/or throw stones in glass houses we should remember his many years of service and the hundreds if not thousands of lives he has touched as a firefighter for the city of Wheeling. Did he screw up? Yes. Haven't we all? Of course. Cut the guy a break.

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Apr-03-13 1:43 PM

hohumm.... You have parts of several different stories rolled into one. I don't fault you for that because that's the way mental midgets brains work. just a word of advise to yo. It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are an ARSE that to open it and REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!

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Apr-03-13 11:24 AM

It's time for a "stupid" prison for these types.

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Apr-03-13 9:54 AM

The trooper's name was left out of this report...why?

Why is this in the paper, but the other DUI's that occur are not headlines?

Good citizens of Wheeling...each of you have dollar signs over your are all a prospective source of income for opportunists. Don't give them a reason...

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Apr-03-13 8:22 AM

I don't get why being a firefighter has to be the headline or why the chief has to be contacted for comment? Was this guy driving a fire truck at the time of arrest? Does every person who is arrested for DUI have their employer mentioned in the paper? Just keep track of the arrest, note how the legal system and the chief handle the situation and then inform the public if there was any favoritism or hanky- panky.

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Apr-03-13 6:57 AM

dealers are drug or the other.

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Apr-03-13 6:24 AM

And when will the bar owners be brought into play?

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Apr-03-13 2:35 AM

guess it is bloomin idiot. just glad they don't let these dui's slide. nail them to the wall. those of us who don't drink shouldn't have to face those that do on the road. i would expect to face them if i went to a bar..but not on my ride home.

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Apr-03-13 1:05 AM

This city is full of depressed people. When you drive into this area, you can feel the negative energy. No wonder the good are going bad.

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Apr-03-13 1:02 AM

Another firefighter for DUI in a week, wow, city employees must be having a hard time. Wasnt another city worker named Gump arrested over the weekend as well, not Forest, think it was Dennis. Maybe the city needs to fund a out patient rehab program just for city workers, Rosie could lead the group in sobriety and bring her special peanut brittle for rewards. They could hold meetings at one of their gambling parlors.

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Apr-03-13 12:57 AM

Cmon fellows..designated driver or call a cab. You can't operate emergency vehicles with a dui on your record. No employer in the private sector that requires you to drive wants to pay for high risk insurance to keep you on their policy. the tax payer shouldn't be asked to either.

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