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Closings Delayed For Airport Towers

Ohio County facility had been scheduled for April 22 shutdown

April 6, 2013

WHEELING — Tom Tominack was relieved to get a call from Sen....

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Apr-07-13 9:00 PM

or a race track.

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Apr-07-13 11:51 AM

Suggestion: Make the Airport a facility that needs a Tower.For example,a DOD assembly and testing operation.Proposals of this nature have been ignored by the Commission.The Airport is ideal.

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Apr-06-13 9:06 PM


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Apr-06-13 7:05 PM

$950,000? Heck that is a Two night Hotel Bill for Barack Obama or Jumping Joe Biden.

Chump Change paid for by We the People (Chumps).

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Apr-06-13 6:53 PM

@wwuthinking: In the loosest terms possible are either Libya or Egypt allies of the United States. The entire Middle East, thanks to Obama's incoherent foreign policy, is being overrun with Islamic terrorist with financing coming from Saudi Arabia. They are our allies when it comes to taking arms and money, but when the sand hits the fan, they will be as reliable as a flat tire in the trunk of the car.

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Apr-06-13 5:41 PM

"By Thomas Frank, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Airports have spent $3.5 billion in federal money since 1998 on projects the Federal Aviation Administration rated as low priority because they do little to improve the most pressing needs in the nation's aviation system, a USA TODAY analysis shows." "But the program also has funded terminals at little-used airports, hangars to store private jets, and parking areas that are free to customers, according to the analysis of FAA records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Other findings:

•The amount of money spent on low-priority projects hit a record $507 million in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. That's nearly five times the amount in 1998, when the FAA established a new ranking system for airport projects."

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Apr-06-13 4:46 PM

melvin is correct.The County could suppoet the tower with its profits from gas,if they feel it is important.

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Apr-06-13 2:06 PM

Close the #$%^ thing. It's just a money drain on the county. If any private tax paying citizen wants to travel by air, we have to go to Col. or Pitt. It's just a convienent toy for those who can afford a private plane

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Apr-06-13 1:15 PM

TV programmers aim at the lowest possible audience to insure their popularity. I would say that American politics follows that path and of course flim flams us on television just like car salesman. I lived in the era of dummied down TV politics. Obama's "rich guy rant" is precious and aimed at making people hate each other,as are most of his policies. Every time he gets in a jam over stealing our kid's futures, the first reaction is to threaten the old folks and SS. We just danced to the air traffic dance didn't we and as it turns out it didn't happen, but we danced and ranted like monkeys. Obama's agenda seem not care much for America, but within the last 6 weeks he gave a billion dollars to Libya and Egypt..but seniors? Naw. I am a lifelong Dem and can say we may never recover from the things that Obama is doing on the economy and immigration. He seems not interested in America much other than looting it.

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Apr-06-13 11:53 AM

The idea of the sequestor was born in the White House but you won't get that from the Daily Kos or Union talking point memos. I guess w/ neither we wouldn't have any posts from Hoopie.

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Apr-06-13 11:44 AM

From Business Insider, "The gist is that Boehner originally came to an agreement with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on a plan, and that this plan was scrapped for the eventual Budget Control Act which contained the sequestration clause. Essentially, the 2 percent that Boehner didn't want was the sequestration: Yes, the bipartisan Budget Control Act as originally conceived by Speaker Boehner, Senator Reid, and Senator McConnell did not include the sequester. The one change to the original deal was the inclusion of this trigger mechanism – so that the President would not have to deal with the debt limit again before his re-election campaign. It was only at the White House’s insistence that we now have what is popularly known as the Obamaquester. It’s a fact."

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Apr-06-13 11:19 AM

"about 50 airport authorities and other "stakeholders" have indicated they want to fund the operations of the towers themselves rather than see them shut down"

So the private sees the need and pays for it! Amazing how that works!!

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Apr-06-13 11:15 AM

Class, Spending cuts are smoke-n-mirrors! D's and R's are spendaholics....

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Apr-06-13 10:00 AM

As the sequester cuts reach to the affluent, the push to change only those issues will rise to the top. Boehner said that he got 98% of what he wanted with the sequester, now the wealthy will make him change what affects the wealthy...

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Apr-06-13 8:44 AM

Do the military planes still use the airport?

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Apr-06-13 7:48 AM

scare tactics from your government.they won't close it.they may shut down your kid's playground.cuts will only come to whatever it is that the middle class[now the poor] uses.i personally don't know anybody that flies in and out of there.i'm sure the politicians and gas company officials are using it stays.the power of a dollar.

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Apr-06-13 6:32 AM

The airport admin said they had 38,000 landings and take-offs last year. If they are mostly touch and gos by AFANG then they don't need a tower.

Asking for the taxpayer to pay for a tower that isn't needed is irresponsible management.

But I guess we all knew that didn't we, while our taxes go up.

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Apr-06-13 6:16 AM

@melvin: W-OC airport couldn't survive on landing fees. What is counted as landings there are actually touch and go's done as practice by AFANG. This is an example of the governments inability to cut spending. W-OC airport has been closed for twenty years but no one shut out the lights.

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Apr-06-13 5:35 AM

Hey BLOOMDADDY, why don't you ask these questions of the ones in charge? No one else asks the tough questions.

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Apr-06-13 5:34 AM

Why are owners of MILLION DOLLAR airplanes and jets landing for FREE?

Why doesn't Wheeling Ohio County Airport admin which is managed by the County Commissioners charge a LANDING FEE?

If it does you can't find it anywhere?

Why do many airports such as Charleston charge a landing fee such as $26-$130?

If Wheeling Ohio County airport charged this fee they would have over $1 MILLION DOLLARS EXTRA - above their current $950,000 budget.

Then Joe and Jane Taxpayer wouldn't be paying for this.

Tax the pilots, not the taxpayers.

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