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Hearing Held On Child Poverty

June 20, 2013

WHEELING — When children don’t have a stable home they don’t achieve, and there’s currently a lack of affordable housing in Wheeling, state lawmakers learned Wednesday....

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Jun-20-13 7:21 PM

Added- Under the idiot Johnson it was determined there wasn't enough low income housing. Do you remember? Billions were invested in this. What did they get as renters? Dope heads, trash, whores and more low life. Now they are tearing them down. What was accomplished??? More low or no income parents who want us to take care of their kids.

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Jun-20-13 6:34 PM

Housing prices should be dictated by the free market, as should education and health care costs.

The government has no business getting involved in finance or the payment process for any of these things.

Think about how the government distorts the market. By keeping interest rates low, the government encourages banks to lend out money. Because interest rates are low (bringing low returns elsewhere) banks have to lend money out to marginal applicants. Now, instead of 100 people looking at 90 homes, you have 500 people looking at 100 homes. The more buyers you have lined up and/or with available mortgage money, the higher the price of housing.

It is simple supply and demand.

The things that we all need-housing, health care, education, food, gasoline-are made MORE expensive by government interference with the marketplace.

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Jun-20-13 5:05 PM

Study after study after study has determined that Head Start is just a huge waste of tax payer dollars! Would Ms. Midget be willing to give-up head start so the money can be used to build housing? Spending money of a building makes more sense than spending on a program that does nothing....

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Jun-20-13 1:40 PM

GOSH!!! I am glad that you guys agree wiyh mi. For awhile I thought I was the only Ba####d willing to tell the truth. $3,000,000 + for a delux play ground an you complain about hunger. Of course if they used the playground money; it would be gone in a year and they would be back begging for more.

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Jun-20-13 11:46 AM

For the pollitical left, misery is almost a business, it keeps tweedies in work passing around public money BUT there never seems to be a solution and nothing ever gets better. Perhaps they are just exploiting the problem and not fixing it. Recently we had a huge big warm fuzzy from the legislature when they decided that now our schools will feed the hungry. And everyone went weep,weep, look at us. But why are kids hungry? There are food stamps and food banks and soup kitchens and food is everywhere and free. But the parents don't bother to feed them, so the lunch lady is now surrogate mom and crackheads can keep selling foodstamps for drugs. But if you love the warm fuzzy, riddle me this batman, how can Obama spend $100 million on his vacation, and $20 billion in another ME war when 1 in 6 kids in America go to bed hungry? Well lets have another meeting and form another committee and get some more grant money..then lunch anyone? Maybe hugs are not productive after all.

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Jun-20-13 11:38 AM

The focus here really isn't the children, the focus is on government grants and how these "do-gooders" can keep their checks coming. What our country needs is workable solutions to ending undeserved welfare and ending the proven useless government programs.

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Jun-20-13 9:07 AM

since half of the parents are divorced.

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Jun-20-13 9:06 AM

tons of kids have grown up in this state and all other states with unstable homes.probably a worldwide problem.since half are divorced.

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