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Girl Scouts In Rough Water

After 100 years, organization facing decline in membership, $347M pension shortfall

June 24, 2013

(AP) — Given the friction and financial woes facing the Girl Scouts these days, perhaps it’s time for a giant friendship circle....

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Jun-25-13 1:38 PM

Who really lives a traditional lifestyle that existed in the fifties and sixties; few places remain where that has any validity. Like those social/service clubs as the Elks, Moose, Odd Fellows--the more serious fraternal ones like the Masonic Order or even the Knights of Columbus--in the metropolitan regions of the U.S., including the South, membership in those organizations has fallen off a cliff. Ditto for what is happening with the Girl Scouts--has anyone really looked at all the special interest, after school activities, including private tutoring that are the norm in many areas of the U.S.? There are only so many hours of the day or week, even month; I am thinking of all the trips made on the freeways or interstates, carrying pre teen children around for after or pre school hour special programs. Don't even think about teens who drive, so many of them are the junior adults who work, for extra money or these days, additional income to help support their families.

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Jun-24-13 9:20 PM

"Since 2003, the Girl Scouts have undergone a thorough transformation aimed at making their programs and image more relevant to a diverse population of girls. Changes have affected uniforms, handbooks, program materials, even the logo and the fine print on the boxes of Girl Scout cookies."

Maybe in NY and other blue areas of this country people think the traditions of the GS's is outdated, but in Middle America, where GS is/was strongest we do not. This I would bet is what lead the the decline. Tradition is not "static".

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Jun-24-13 1:27 PM

Here we go, that ugly word "Diversity" In todays world in the U.S. diversity is the key to everything. We have see what it has done to our schools, organizations, polotics, Boy Scouts. You name it. Seems that all touched by it is going down hill.

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Jun-24-13 8:24 AM


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Jun-24-13 8:17 AM

The Girl Scouts also have links with Planned Parenthood causing many parents to have their daughters join Frontier Girls. *******frontiergirlsclubs****/

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Jun-24-13 7:42 AM

But ultimately it is our children who lose.

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Jun-24-13 7:40 AM

The girl scouts have the same problem that every organization, including government, faces.

The CEO of United Way gets a salary of almost $1 Million a year while a bunch of good-hearted volunteers work for FREE.

I laugh at the liberal idiots here who claim the solution to the health care system is NON PROFIT!!

Look at the mess the non-porfit charities and city and state governments are into!!!


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Jun-24-13 6:55 AM

Once again the infiltration of liberalism has aided in destroying a once great American institution.

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Jun-24-13 6:42 AM

"The worker said cookie sales declined by at least 5 percent and budgets are expected to be cut by about 10 percent.

Chavez came on as CEO on Oct. 1, 2011. She was paid $98,000 for three months of work in 2011 — out of a salary of $393,380 for a full year. She also got $71,906 in “other compensation” that year including expenses to move to New Jersey and retirement-plan contributions, according to tax filings."

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Jun-24-13 6:21 AM

Why is an entirely VOLUNTEER organization operating with legacy costs???

100% of all cookie sales should be going to funding ACTIVITIES and supplies for the girl scouts NOT payroll and pensions!!

And parents need to get their kids involved in scouting

NOTHING does more in a childs development than their years in scouting!

And judging from the inked up, pierced up freaks walking the streets, scouting needed more than ever!!

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