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New War on Coal Assault Readied

September 16, 2013

By the end of this week, the Environmental Protection Agency must issue its latest proposals for carbon-emission standards on new coal-fired power plants....

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Sep-18-13 11:32 AM

Slightly off-topic...

Saw some interesting stuff for our old buddy Dawg, about the "peak oil" idea. DOE's own figures show that known shale oil formations that can be tapped with existing technology contain 300 billion barrels. That means if every other source vanished tomorrow, we would have about 50 years supply. And thanks to all that natural gas, oil use is actually dropping slightly, and will drop more as railroads and long haul trucks convert to gas.

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Sep-17-13 7:50 PM

Why are 4 of the 5 states with the best air quality in the USA predominately Coal Fired electric plants?

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Sep-17-13 4:22 PM

On point oldsteelmaker. Vietnam is also planning several coal-fired plants. I recall most chimneys in my neighborhood issuing black smoke from pot-bellied stoves. We used to dump the ashes in the alley. It was the best heat you could find for the money.

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Sep-17-13 2:27 PM

Cowtransplant how many small business have gone bankrupt wiping out the life savings of the owners?

Biz owners have their house, their family, and their savings at risk all the time for business failure or lawsuits.

What does the employee risk??? Missing a coffee break?

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Sep-17-13 2:12 PM

Ug, Can't say I've seen a smoke plume from any power plant recently. Steam from the condensing towers, maybe. For one thing, any smoke means you are wasting fuel, and your bosses would have your scalp for that.

Besides, even if we shut down every plant in North America, the Chinese are building them so fast the CO2 will still go up.

Moreover, it turns out we have been cooling off for over a decade, the rate of Arctic ice formation is exploding, and this summer there were three times as many record lows as record highs in North America. Detroit had near frost conditions last week. So much for global warming.

And anyone that lived near Mingo, Monessen or anywhere around Pittsburgh in the 60s and 70s will split a gut laughing if you talk about the terrible pollution today.

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Sep-17-13 2:04 PM

Mikey, I was at a conference last week. A guy in the business of measuring how much usable gas is out there, and how much we are using, gave a talk. This guy consults with banks, states and energy companies, and gets paid because he is accurate. He said that with the proven reserves (that's places where they drilled and actually got enough gas to make it worth it) and the current usage and expected growth in demand, there is enough out there for the next century and maybe two. The way he put it was everyone in the room would be dead before we see a real decline in supply.

There's a field under Michigan that's bigger than the one under Fort Worth. It doesn't have the ethane and other "liquids" just methane. They don't expect any real drilling up there for two decades. Just not needed. So I really don't think you need to worry about "suddenly" running out.

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Sep-17-13 1:11 PM

The billowing piles of smoke rolling from the stacks at power plants and other facilities are soon to be only in history books in the USA. A few decades from now the school kids seeing those pictures and reading the text will saying.."what on earth were they thinking?"

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Sep-17-13 10:29 AM

Loghog, company owners don't get in the "unemployment line".

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Sep-17-13 8:52 AM

and when the gas runs out all of a sudden it will be alright to use coal.ship all of the gas overseas.

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Sep-17-13 7:24 AM

Clean, Efficient, Cheap, Abundant NATURAL GAS!!!

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Sep-16-13 11:37 PM

Nuclear is the cheapest way to produce electricity.

Coal is a goner.

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Sep-16-13 9:05 PM

The EPA and people in control of it do not care it their regulations put company owners and workers into the unemployment line. After all. They know what's best for everyone. If you don't think so. just ask them. They will tell you.

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