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Compressor Moving To Colerain

September 22, 2013

MT. PLEASANT — Joe Zelek does not oppose natural gas drilling in the local area, but when Spectra Energy wanted to build a compressor station in his neighborhood, he knew it could mean trouble....

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Sep-24-13 6:14 PM

Think about this:

1. Can we extract non-renewable fossil fuels without the process of hydraulic fracturing?

2. Can oil and gas companies make a fracking fluid that does not pollute the land, air and water? 3. Should we hault all fracking operations until we can find a way to frack without polluting our environment? 4. Should "We the People" have a direct say in what our public lands are used for, and be able to vote on whether private industries can use our lands for energy development, providing them with high profits and us with energy and the environmental costs of cleaning degraded lands, water and air?

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Sep-22-13 10:02 PM

HiHowRU, you liberals are the MAJORITY now. You elected a liberal Democrit President for the last two terms. YOU could shut down the gas industry tomorrow. How? Simply stop using gas. All of you; all of it. And stop buying any products made from gas. Stop heating and cooking with gas. Stop using gas-fired electricity. Stop eating food fertilized by gas-derived fertilizers. Stop buying anything containing plastics, which are made from gas liquids.

If you keep funding the gas industry by buying their products because they’re the cheapest, most convenient alternative, you’re just lazy hypocrites. Walk the talk, loons. And be the Flintstones. LOL

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Sep-22-13 4:33 PM

"Not in my back yard", right Joe? How about not in ANYONE's back yard.

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Sep-22-13 11:34 AM

They give me a good price they can build it on my property, screw the neighbors. Just joking. Sounds like a good compromise to me, it has to go somewhere and this way it won't be that close to any homes.

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Sep-22-13 10:44 AM

Move but keep the checks coming!

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Sep-22-13 8:54 AM

I live at the bottom of the run where the huge illegal dump was found in Jefferson County. My good neighbours have been dumping there for years. The property owner reported that there has been 400 tons of garbage taken out of there so far and the clean up continues. What kind of contamination is in my well water? Does anyone even care? No. The drainage on this road is horrible and every time it rains I worry about being flooded out as I have been twice already this summer. Does anyone care? No. According to the Trustees, there is No Money available to fix the problems. So, how much money did Jefferson County loose when this compressor station was moved? Lets see some reporting on the numbers.

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Sep-22-13 8:10 AM

and it'll blow up.we don't put much faith into this crew.

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Sep-22-13 7:50 AM

The ole "long as it's not in MY neighborhood" attitude

Well what about your neighbors in Colerain Joe??

Are they lesser people?

Do they not deserve clean air to breath and the ability to set out on their decks and not hear the roar of compressor station drowning out the birds??

Are THEIR children less worthy of clean air to breathe as they play in their back yards?

Reminds me of the neighbors that take their dogs out for a fresh dump in the NEIGHBOR'S yard because while they want the BENEFITS of having a dog, they don't want the mess that comes with them!!

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Sep-22-13 6:58 AM

When you combine the "low levels of various emissions that come from the plants" it only takes 3 of them to equal the pollution from a large old steel mill. Not so "minor" eh? Also, your list of pollutants did not include 3 major ones: toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene, the rest of the BTEX chemicals closely associated with many phases of gas production. As one lady living close to a compressor station in Pennsylvania discovered, "my body contained measurable levels of benzene and phenol." See the Pam Judy YouTube here: h ttp ://

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