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Capito Has Early Funding Lead

Tennant must raise millions for war chest to catch up in Senate race

September 23, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — It can pay to enter a political race early: Campaign finance reports show that Republican Rep....

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Sep-23-13 11:49 PM

I don't see him donating any of HIS money, DG

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Sep-23-13 10:56 PM

DC, I've got news for you. He's baaaaacckk...

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Sep-23-13 8:42 PM

The money in politics is sickening. We all know this race will cost millions and those putting up the money will want influence of some kind. Money is perverting our republic.

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Sep-23-13 4:10 PM

DC, Tennessee is on the list, looks like Harry donated $40!

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Sep-23-13 1:14 PM

According to the latest online survey- yesterday- WV is the third poorest state in the USA now. What will the candidates do to reverse this in terms of new job growth. Coal is not the answer now. In fact the coal decline will propel the state to the bottom.

I have not heard any solutions put forth. No one seems to have any future plans for change.

Capito will lose WV seniority in the House .She will be very junior in the Senate as McKinley is in the House.

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Sep-23-13 11:55 AM

She is a Man! Bought and paid for...lip service to them there hillbillies at election waves just floating in the middle...Senator Capito? What a nightmare for West Virginians.

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Sep-23-13 10:51 AM

DG, is her cousin Harry on the list? He's out of state now.

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Sep-23-13 8:50 AM

Will George Soros fund Natalie's Senate race as he did her SoS campaign?

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Sep-23-13 8:25 AM

The only way to save the Democratic Party is to shock it into representing people again and not national/international ideologies. Send TWO Republican Senators to D.C. if even for one term to let the people who run the party know that WV is no longer a state that will vote Dem and then be shafted by the Dem Party. Notice Obama never campaigned in WV? Never set foot in the state until Big Branch so he could have an anti-coal photo op. Manchin is the most easily bought party toad in America he will forsake us for a TV camera and a pat on the head. He thinks his stupid shucks grin is enough to fool us..well it does the idiots, but he needs to go away. Send Capito to D.C. to replace Rockefeller who just used WV as a ticket to the big power dance. The DNC hates WV, why would you send another party toad (Tennant) to D.C. to sell us out? I am a lifelong Dem, I WILL vote for Capito. She has voted for WV, not Manchin, Rocky, Rahall, Mollohan et al. Time to change the bath water

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Sep-23-13 7:43 AM

someone give me a couple of million and i'll go job hunting.heck just a million will do.

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Sep-23-13 6:36 AM

Top 5 states that "donate" to Moore-Capito: New York, West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Vermont!

Not to worry Tennent will be getting"donations" from other states! The "sheeple" would be better served if someone was elected that raised a lot less money and the money that was raised was from fellow WV citizens!

These politicians are "loyal" to the donors.....

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Sep-23-13 6:08 AM

Shelley's sure NOT anti coal! NOT Hangin with Obama either! See who your democrats office holders & candidates are seen with! Hopefully, Obama, Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi & others will come to WV to campaign with Natalie! Can't wait!!!!

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Sep-23-13 5:58 AM

WV you have not been electing politicians that represent YOU!

"Of the 230 contributions made by PACs to Capito, only three were based in West Virginia."

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Sep-23-13 4:28 AM

$2.8 Million Represents West Virginia Values?

Need Moore be said?

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Sep-23-13 1:40 AM

JRock will pick up the slack in funding for his Democrat replacement Natalie. Cause, like, OMG! Why wouldn't he?? LOL

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Sep-23-13 1:16 AM

There is a primary first. Will there be other candidates? Capito may be unopposed for the GOP nomination. The Dems ,however, may need to find a stronger candidate.

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