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What Would a Shutdown Mean? Not Much for Most

September 28, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — If the government “shuts down” next Tuesday, your mail will still come. Doctors will see Medicare patients....

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Sep-28-13 8:17 PM

Dang, Wraith, stole my line.

And about Detroit... Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is running ads on radio in Michigan, asking all his members to contact all the Michigan gang to OPPOSE the ACA, and defund it. Granted, the Teamsters always were a little different, but I understand the Steelworkers are also really ticked about this law.

Are we seeing real splits in the Party? Hope so.

Have you noticed no one is playing clips of Cruz's speech? Seems he never said anything personally insulting, or crazy sounding, or inflammatory. Hard to make fun of a guy sounding reasonable, much easier to just claim he's a nut without trying to prove it.

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Sep-28-13 7:20 PM

What Draconian things happened when the Sequester took effect??

{ . . . . . crickets . . . . . . chirp chirp ....}

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Sep-28-13 6:55 PM

The unicorns will still get water and feed.

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Sep-28-13 6:33 PM

Detroit claims they are birthplace of the Union Movement in the USA. And proud of it!

The 696 Freeway in the Heart of MOTWON is also called the Reuther freeway in honor of Wheeling native Walter Reuther.


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Sep-28-13 12:32 PM

wonderwhy probably thinks Detroit got that $100 MILLION handout because it's a red state.

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Sep-28-13 12:16 PM

How did they FIND $100 Mil to give to Detroit??

98% of Detroit voters voted for OBAMA!!!


Didn't find anything for Texas, did they :)????

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Sep-28-13 10:40 AM

shut her down're doing a lousy job anyhow.

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Sep-28-13 10:02 AM

When the goberment can't even figure out how to spend on useless projects!

"The Homeland Security Department has funneled $35 billion to states and local governments since 2003 to increase disaster preparedness, but nearly a quarter of the funds remain unspent, according to testimony offered at a congressional hearing on March 20.

The federal funding pays for equipment and training for emergency responders, as well as for planning and for technology and communications upgrades.

As of January 2012, about $8 billion of the $35 billion was still unspent, Elizabeth Harmon, assistant administrator for FEMA’s grant programs directorate, told the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Response, Preparedness and Communication."

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Sep-28-13 9:21 AM

Yes, read that story and thought it funny how they just happen to find 100 million, wonder how many more lost millions are floating around. Somebody must need the votes of Michigan's senators and congressmen.

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Sep-28-13 9:05 AM

I am not sure most of you caught the piece that said they "found" 100 million dollars in accts not spent for what it was budgeted for and so they sent it to Detroit Mi. Iwould like to know a how they decided to give it to them and wht Wheeling can't ask them to look for say just 20 million to get rid of the blight we ahve in homes that need torn down. We on the other hand take money for tearing down blighted areas and put it into weed filled lots in East Wheeling, think most of the old homes there looked a h#ll of a lot better than the field of weeds, they have built it but no one is coming.

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Sep-28-13 8:38 AM

While working for the IRS I went thru one of these budget crisis shutdowns in the early 80s and found that hardly a ripple appeared. I did find telling a supervisor that if I was'nt going to get paid I was'nt coming to work was not a good idea as I was told "pay or no pay, if you are'nt at your desk you'll face suspension". The killing of a president did'nt bring the goverment to a halt and lack of a budget won't either.

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Sep-28-13 8:07 AM

UUUH What happened to the Draconian scenario of the Sequester??

Like Y2K and Global Warming, it just went away!!!

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Sep-28-13 8:07 AM

No more NSA spying, IRS intimidation, no more drones killing innocent civilians, ......... no more green subsidies for Solyndra-clones ....

Hmmmmmh! Move over, McDonald's, I'm LOVIN' IT!!!!

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Sep-28-13 7:59 AM


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