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New Life Is Sought For 120-Year-Old Building

Elliott has big plans for Friendly City’s Professional Building

October 3, 2013

Four years after returning to his native Wheeling, Glenn Elliott is hoping to do his part to revive downtown by breathing new life into what was West Virginia’s tallest building when it opened more......

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Oct-20-13 9:21 PM

It would be a great building to house hookers on each and every floor!! It burns when I pee

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Oct-16-13 1:50 AM

It's a beautiful historical building!!!

SpankysLastDance; If you want a hobby financed by the Historical Society, go buy yourself a Historical Building...

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Oct-04-13 6:41 AM

Who will occupy the building? For years it was Dr. N K Joseph's eye practice.

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Oct-03-13 10:14 PM

amanda, search the department of the interior "grant" programs and then report back! Please site the source of Return on Investment for historic preservation!

Why should some dude in Texas (federal tax payer) be on the hook for a project in Wheeling? Keep spending local and I guarantee you will get a good ROI!

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Oct-03-13 10:09 PM

AmandaD: The way you put it, it all sounds peachy, but in reality, it seldom is. Under the guise of rehab more architectural artifacts were stripped from buildings in Wheeling and sold on eBay and antique auctions than will ever be known.

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Oct-03-13 6:07 PM

Actually, the preservation funding is not a GRANT, it is a TAX CREDIT that must be earned. It's not easy to get one, and it's not a handout.

This particular tax credit program (historic rehab) has been proven to generate far more revenue for cities and states than it costs. These building rehabs create jobs, both in construction and after the buildings are completed. They generate sales tax, payroll tax, and property tax REVENUE. Preservation also means more money is spent on labor than materials. That construction job might just mean a paycheck for yourself or someone you know. That property tax revenue might be supporting YOUR local school district.

Think about it. Someone, somewhere is going to bring an old building back to life and get it back on the tax rolls using Federal and sometimes State dollars. Those dollars are going to be spent somewhere. Why wouldn't you want them to be spent IN YOUR TOWN?

It's short sighted and foolish to throw that opportunity away.

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Oct-03-13 1:43 PM

yep, someone is getting that grant money! 2000-294 billion in grant give-aways in 2011-612 billion! National debt 2000-5.8 trillion in 2011-14.9 trillion....ANd who will pay for all these "great" ideas and no money?

Tell your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews sorry about the debt but someone had a great idea to save that building with your future taxes....

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Oct-03-13 1:03 PM

The negativity in this Valley astounds me sometimes. Somebody is going to get that grant money one way or another, so why wouldn't you want it to go to your own community? When you lose your historic buildings, you lose the very character and heart of your city. Would you rather these buildings be torn down? I'm sure we could use another vacant lot downtown.

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Oct-03-13 11:16 AM

With enough grant (other peeps) money I could make Wheeling the greatest little City in the US!

I have great ideas, please send money.....

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Oct-03-13 8:27 AM

Gee, I'd like to have a hobby funded by the tax payers.

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Oct-03-13 7:54 AM

This is a beautiful structure and I wish him success in bringing it back to life.

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Oct-03-13 7:29 AM

So he needs "our" money for "his" project?

"The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which makes it eligible for state and federal grants.

Elliott said he plans to seek funding through the West Virginia Historical Society."

All the good ideas with someone else's money, PRICELESS!

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Oct-03-13 6:30 AM

Wishing Mr.Elliott the very best and congratulations on his faith and new venture.

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