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Property Taxes May Be Affected

December 7, 2013

What would we in this area of West Virginia do if as much as one-fourth of the local funding for our schools, municipalities and counties was wiped out? It is not beyond the realm of possibility,......

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Dec-11-13 11:41 PM

I live in flood my entire 55 years here I have never seen water any where but in basement and never over 2 feet, easily cleaned out and have never filed a claim. I do have flood insurance. I keep it because these days you just never know. the weather is retarded crazy. Insurance companies always cry when they lose. they never give back when they win. that is the problem i see with this. Give me back half of what I paid since I bought the insurance because I never filed a claim. You took my money..i never took any..not one cent from you..raise the premiums on the ones who did. not the ones who didn't.

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Dec-09-13 7:52 PM

Well- here is another view- Obama didn't pass the law - but he did nothing to repeal it. He has been too busy with health care and vacations.

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Dec-07-13 11:52 AM

Also note that FEMA receives 3.4 billion dollars per year in premiums and uses the majority of the funds to fund 2,500 employees. Never mind that the NFIP is actually managed by the private insurance industry through premium payments.

The private insurance industry is more than glad to manage the flood insurance they are just not interested in providing the coverage.

If you look at the history of the program all claims would have been paid and no deficit would have been needed. When the goberment gets money (premiums in this case) they have no hesitation on spending the money on things the money was not intended for....

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Dec-07-13 11:46 AM

liberty/pathguy, Biggert-Waters act of 2012 (the 2012 is the year it was passed) has nothing to do with the "private" insurance business! The NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) was "created" in 1968 because the "private" insurance industry would not provide insurance to such a high risk damage. Flood insurance is purchased by those that live in the flood plain, not by those that do not! Currently about 5.5 million properties in the US carry federally backed insurance (subsidized and very high risk). Interestingly 40% of all NFIP paid claims have gone to the state of Louisiana! So the biggert-waters idea is spread out the pain on all 5.5 million property owners...

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Dec-07-13 9:02 AM

OMG, an intelligent poster with relevant facts, not anti Obama, faux news talking points. Stick around here Liberty, we're going to need you!!!

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Dec-07-13 1:02 AM

How in Gods Earth can every thing that sounds wrong is Obama's fault? This law was passed several years ago with the support of Capito the Republican and with this newspaper who said it was tired of the taxpayers paying for people who live in the hurricane and beach areas that get destroyed. Now it seems it affects us, different story. If u live in a flood prone area, hurricane area, earthquake area, you have to pay more. Blame the insurance industry who has made billions when the stock market was booming,but when it started to tank, because of their shady investments, they raise premiums. Never the vulture insurance companies fault, who are the most profitable in the world, and who Pesident Bush chose to save. AIG. Now blame our current President for this

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