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City’s Gambling Take Lagging

Proceeds Also Down Across West Virginia by 36 Percent

December 22, 2013

WHEELING — As the midway point of the municipal fiscal year approaches, gambling revenue in Wheeling is down about $90,000 from the same period last year, signaling a continued toll taken by......

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Dec-23-13 8:08 AM

When gambling was still in its infancy in WV it was opposed by religious people who oppose gambling for moral reasons, people who warned of its impact on families through addiction and people who knew that gambling would become oatmeal for gov administrators who would spend it as though it would never end. This is not Vegas which is a destination trip. Atlantic City has never been able to make it work either. Its not money you should plan on for a long time. Incidentally, gambling never passed as a ballot issue in WV. After it failed the 4th time, state bureaucrats who love seeing cash money, decided that the whole slot machine casino idea was really just part of the lottery and away we went. The people said no, but the idea of bags of cash was just too much for politicians to resist. Gambling is never a growth industry.

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Dec-22-13 10:00 PM

The federal government does NOT permit sports gambling in all but 3 or 4 states. To ask WV to spend the money to contest it, would be foolish to the point of economic suicide. With so many "off shore" sites for the public to bet with, sports betting would show little profit anyways.

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Dec-22-13 3:16 PM

The writing has been on the wall for years, but no one reads it. The city wheels keep creating positions and assistants to do something. About all that gets done is plans that cost money.The city has a bunch who know how to create jobs for their kind and do nothing positive for the average tax payer. Oh, I forgot- The tax payers have been very generous with food and clothing donations; for this they are to be commended.

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Dec-22-13 3:12 PM

I don't know if it is at possible but could WV try and legalize sports betting at their casinos like Las Vegas has always done and Atlantic City for the past few years?

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Dec-22-13 2:58 PM

The people that get the most comps mailed to them are the ones that live out of the area. I frequent the casino 2-3 times a week and get nothing in the way of comps (Except a free buffet once or twice a month.) When seated at a BJ table, we always see someone sit to play and they have several $10 free bets, free buffets, and a free room. When asked where they are from, I have heard Minnesota, Cincinnati, Tennessee, etc. I know, the casino does this to lure in the out of towners, but believe me when I say I am by far not the only local fuming about this. There are TONS of us.

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Dec-22-13 2:53 PM

It is no wonder why Wheeling Island Casino revenues are down. Sure, neighboring states contribute to it but it is how the frequent patrons are treated or I should say LACK of treatment along with the slots just not paying off like other casinos. I am mostly a table games player although I DO play the slots a litte. I have NEVER (no exageration) hit a jackpot in wheeling. Our last trip to Las Vegas, in the first 15 minutes, i hit a $1000 jackpot on a 25 cent machine at Bally's (also no exageration). The one at Bally's is probably just a coincidence but the lack of hitting a jackpot at Wheeling is NOT a coincidence. I have put in $30 in a $1.00 slot at WHeeling and did not get a single hit, not meaning a jackpot, but any kind of payout. Now lets talk about rewards. I go to the Casino 2-3 times a week. I am a Diamond rated player but STILL do not get a monthly mailer. I questioned the Casino about this and their answer was, "You have to make 100 points each and every time

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Dec-22-13 1:27 PM

acosticportal, As a tax and spend liberal why do you care where the money comes from?

Gobernor Tomblin is directly tied to gambling and the peeps elected him....

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Dec-22-13 12:28 PM

Worst paying slots you could ever find. Stay away...far away. They deserve to sink let the market decide.

I've played out in Vegas and the difference can definitely be noticed. Not to mention they have a certain strategy with the type of slots they bring in and it's not the type that are fun to play. It's the type with a pay table that is setup to run you down fast and not give any play time.

Their payback percentage is kept in check simply by giving one big payout to a high roller every once in a while. They milk all the low rollers because they know that's where the money is.

Not to mention Wheeling Island has regular bar drink prices which is so retarded. Actually they're higher than a lot of bars. In what world that make senses I have no idea.

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Dec-22-13 12:14 PM

The hot word for government is “redevelopment" which is to bring in more fees and taxes to support bigger government. We live in a capitalistic society but government keeps spending taxpayer money to keep then in control of development to get political money and control businesses.

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Dec-22-13 12:06 PM

Government wants more fees and taxes to increase their size. Instead of keeping government size smaller and taking care of necessities and save income from gambling they grew government. Now they want the taxpayer to pay more to maintain a bigger government and special interest groups the people do not need.

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Dec-22-13 11:27 AM

The odds have been increasingly set against the players...fewer are "winning" as the state continues claiming losses in expected revenue. This state supported industry of addiction is ultimately a losing proposition for everyone involved, and devestating for families. The addiction is very real and powerful..and this is being capitalized on. Ethics and moral standards do not exist in government, only protection of the main priority..revenue. Shameful.

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Dec-22-13 11:04 AM


Table games, whether in Las Vegas or on Wheeling Island depend primarily on "Big Money" players. Select patrons who are lured to the casinos by the quality of treatment and the enormity of the complimentary benefits (Comps) the host offers. While Vegas and Atlantic city offer Suites & Steaks, Wheeling Island offers Hot Dogs & Cable T.V.

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Dec-22-13 10:12 AM

Gooseman “Gambling down, so casinos don't pay out. Casinos don't pay out, people don't go.”

Faulty analysis by an Obamazombie. Payouts are percentages, so regardless of how many people go in a similar proportion come out winners.

The real reason? Fewer people in the Obama economy have jobs, so people have no entertainment money left to spend at casinos. Barry Bankrupter, you built that.

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Dec-22-13 8:57 AM

The liberal-progressive selling point for gambling was that schools and the elderly programs would benefit and the tax payer would see a reduction in taxes! The gambling started in 1984 and still not paying less taxes!

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Dec-22-13 5:21 AM

Gambling down, so casinos don't pay out. Casinos don't pay out, people don't go.

Wonder why WV doesn't require casinos to publish monthly pay out percentage like PA?

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Dec-22-13 12:18 AM

Wheeling has spent tens of millions on non-existent "redevelopment", probably close to $1 million on plan after plan, loses 1% of its' population and several businesses each year and STILL employs an Economic Development Director, and an assistant.


If Wheeling continues to rely on gambling, and permits itself to be controlled by non-profits/the HUD crowd, it will quickly become a mini-Detroit.

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