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Fracking Not Good for Us, Regardless of What Morrisey Says

April 6, 2014

In the March 11th, 2014 op-ed section of The Intelligencer, West Virginia’s attorney general, Patrick Morrisey, had an asinine, pro-fracking article....

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Apr-13-14 4:06 PM

Eddy 'feels' it's all true and it must be....

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Apr-11-14 7:21 PM

Fracking leads to earthquakes per the geologist.Found that out next door in Ohio. shake, rattle and roll.

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Apr-07-14 2:55 PM

It's actually kind of sad that some people think that this type of garbage is actually based on any shred of truth.

Keep patting yourselves on the back though. While you're doing that, we'll keep drilling.

"Fracking" is here to stay. Get over it.

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Apr-07-14 1:12 PM

Best article I have seen on here in ages! Finally, a view from the other side of the fence.

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Apr-07-14 1:12 PM

This is the only honest and decent piece on fracking ever allowed on this page. My hat goes off to you Mr. Eddy. This valley and state has so long been brainwashed by the "benefits" of big business and earth raping that most don't seem to be able to see the drawbacks at all. If any of these people would simply do some research they would find that the only benefits fracking will ever bring are to the pockets of those who own the industry. The costs of infrastructure and health WILL greatly outweigh any perceived "benefits" to this state. Even if you only look at it financially, we are not gaining a thing from these corporations. Only our politicians profit while we pay the costs. Secondly, the health risks are nothing but startling and are an inevitable outcome of this type of "development". Thank you Mr. Eddy for fighting the good fight and trying to show the honest truth to those who are seemingly blind to the realities. There is no safe or good frackin

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Apr-07-14 1:05 AM

Fyi Ido think the pres does have a war on coal its ok to kill thousands of bats with wind tubines and thats ok not to mention the Bald eagles and golden eagles . Matter of fact they just got 10 more years worth of protection from killing them and btw the bats were endangered species and lost almost the entire colony right in the middle of the tree huggers territories and nothing said cant log in areas where spotted owl wasnt seen in what 50 years and able to kill bald eagles who recently came off the endngered list? Sure makes sense ans look where they want to put the high speed rail in Ca. forget the studies fast track it try that for oil or gas timber or any thing else some groups hold up as holy grounds but this is mmass transit, speaking of which how is govt track I mean Am track working out*****the torpedoes and full speed ahead good move bowles

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Apr-07-14 12:52 AM

When we close coal fired plants here they open more every WEEK in China and those who think it's cleaning the air up go to visit China on a good day they all wlk around with masks on and the bad days they stay home. We have done many costly things for cleaner emmissions from coal plants they get closed senr the jobs to China and India where they couls care less about the air and some may not realize this but tht air comes here also so cleaning ours and doing nothing but openining dirtier ones there how are we really doing any good but shutting them down replacing them with dirtier plantsd in other parts of the world doesnt make sense to me To any one else?

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Apr-06-14 9:05 PM

Did I mention Mr. Eddy's expertise is in English and literature? I'm not sure what other expertise he's drawing these conclusions from because it's certainly not listed on his Linkedin account.

"West Virginia's useless DEP refused to evaluate my stream."

Probably because they don't have time for enviro-lunatics.

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Apr-06-14 8:47 PM

lol I thoroughly enjoyed this last minute gem:

"He lives in an area of Ohio County that has been heavily fracked for the last two years."

Working for an E&P company that operates in the Marcellus play, I can assure Mr. Eddy there is no place in Ohio county that has been "heavily fracked".

This article is straight out of the environmental nut-job handbook.

Nice job.

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Apr-06-14 4:57 PM

Not only is the propaganda based on the Nazi methodology as ironically inspired by a Jewish ad man but the Vaivara Camp is the real root of shale development complete with death squads and chambers and the toxic waste is still there.This contamination is a violation of civil and human rights. Texas has a terrible cancer and birth defect rate including poor little Robin Bush who died in one is safe, no one is immune and the degradation continues.Gas stations have to follow rules to minimize your exposure...benzene, toluene, styrene, acrylonitrile etc are frac contaminants.

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Apr-06-14 2:59 PM

Looks good to remember a movie that premiered in 1935.

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Apr-06-14 12:31 PM

Why does the left wing, and the extremists of this or that cause always attack other people's views and them personally, instead of making a rational case for their own position. AG Morrisey is still permitted an opinion, the rads haven't shouted everyone down yet. I used to belong to the Sierra Club when it was about coal/clean streams..AND very much for natural gas instead of coal. Plentiful in WV we were told. Outside in the parking lot the holier than thou crowd had the largest SUVs known to man parked. Phony? Yathink? But now there IS gas and a chance to reduce emissions and here are the same folks, pony tails, angst and mindless chants.. and free speech crushers..against that too. For? I dunno more ME oil, more pollution killing overseas economies like China and India? Strict controls are needed but we cannot all go make baskets and grow organic vegies. The US needs energy, having abundant natural gas has already shown progress in cleaner air.

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Apr-06-14 12:27 PM

Mr. Eddy's column starts with a lie - that grandpappy took him to see a Leni Reifenstahl movie in Berlin - and it gets only more dishonest and disingenuous from there.

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Apr-06-14 10:26 AM

t y c o o n s

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Apr-06-14 10:25 AM

Great writing.

Isn't it about time the NR and teabaggers start a new fallacy like "Obamas war on gas' in order to protect the gas ty*****? It will buy time for gas ty***** to do to WV what the coal industry did.

But, at least folks have had to slow down traveling out my way. Roads are in such horrible shape from tankers, literally down to one lane in some places. Guess they will stay that way until the new higher taxes on my home are collected.

And all the politicians look the other way. Gas industry is a great source of money for their next campaigns.

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Apr-06-14 10:00 AM

A you act like fracking is new and has been going on for over 30 years, they are just getting better at it. B- The city doesnt really get much money from fracking the county on other hand does,you have some valid points about no monitoring which we should have more of, the greater risk off water pollution comes from the top not the bottom I.E.spills and uncontained backwash from fracking. c- I wish we has a co. form USA would build the cracker plant and if we would redo tax code maybe they would, right now we ship it all away. We should have, a tiered system a you remove nat. resources omly you pay highest tax, the further down the chain you go the less taxes you pay so you cut tree down and ship it out of state you pay the most take it all the way to say furniture you pay small or none at all and should be that way with all nat resources. That would create more jobs almost overnight,then you would have "American co.) building the cracker

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Apr-06-14 8:33 AM

but your properties are worth more,so says the politicians.they are the only people that think so.but we gave up faith in them people years ago.

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