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No Deal Yet On Building

April 8, 2014

WHEELING — Reaching an agreement to purchase Howard’s Diamond Center’s vacant downtown building is taking longer than anticipated for Wheeling officials, who aren’t saying much about the status of......

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Apr-08-14 7:44 PM

If the building is condemeed the posins are responsible for the cost of demo.Give them a timeline and after that the city take it down and bill the posins .Eg hit the nail on the head.

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Apr-08-14 2:27 PM

So, just how much public tax money is going to be shoved to the Posins for their worthless building that is actually a liability and not an asset? The idiots who run city government will probably fork over hundreds of thousands for less than nothing.

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Apr-08-14 12:28 PM

What strong arm tactics? You need a functional city to have tactics much less anything which might be called "strong". My Mother's engagement ring, wedding band and pearls came from Posins but that was decades ago, when her sister worked not far away at Stones as did so many others who worked at all those businesses which once had a downtown address. Most of those non reinforced, century old brick structures are going to collapse into the streets; too compromised by age and neglect to even qualify for renovation and restoration. Long past time for an audit and the powers of "eminent domaine"---remove most of them and begin anew with a clean slate.

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Apr-08-14 10:09 AM

We must raise TAXES and give local business a B&O break OOOOOPPS never mind the last part of that one we will just say to the people thats what we will do then do only the RAISING OF TAXES part shhhhhhhh thats what we do behind closed doors !!!!!!! LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, all at the expense of the people of WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA these again as always are just my opinions and thoughts thanks for listening :-)

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Apr-08-14 10:04 AM

Why is this so difficult for the city to deal with??? The owner has settled his suit with his insurance company. There is no more wait until the lawsuit is steeled. Issue a court order to the owner to demolish the condemned structure within 30 days. If not completed throw him in jail and issue daily fines. Enough of the stalling and playing lets make a deal game!

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Apr-08-14 10:04 AM

COME ON !!!!!!!!!!!! this has got to come to an end. How can the elected people go into a CLOSED DOOR meeting and not reveal a SIMPLE answer to the question?????????? Citizens of WHEELING this is totally unfair that the city officials can do what they want, when they want, answer only to themselves behind closed doors, and leave us with the bill at the end when the deal is done and we have no recourse other then to bend over and take it !!!!! That building should have been TORE down immediately when it was deemed a PUBLIC HAZARD, it just goes to prove that its not our welfare or our health that's in consideration its how the city officials can get what they want SCREW OVER THE LITTLE PEOPLE, we have our own agenda that is so secretive, so important, we must go behind closed doors!!!!!!!! we must discuss the most secretive issues behind closed doors !!!!!!! we must not tell ANYONE what our meeting are about, !!!!!! We must spend the peoples money on new chambers !!! ( continued )

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Apr-08-14 8:34 AM

Unfortunate turn of events. That being said, Howard Posin is actively stalling progress in Wheeling. Muster up some dignity and let it go.

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Apr-08-14 8:31 AM

Why is it so difficult for the city of Wheeling to acquire a dilapidated and condemned building?

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Apr-08-14 7:33 AM

what happened to sunshine law we dont even care about it any more they just do what ever they want and make meetings so working people cant get there and know that most non working people dont care

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Apr-08-14 6:33 AM

Secret goberment!

No action was taken following the executive session.

Councilwoman Gloria Delbrugge, a member of the committee, would not confirm the Howard's Diamond Center was a topic of that meeting, saying only, "there were several things we discussed." Neither of the other two Development Committee members, Mayor Andy McKenzie and Vice Mayor Eugene Fahey, responded to requests for comment Monday.

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Apr-08-14 5:57 AM

Afghanistan without the sand.

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