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War on Coal Has Gone International

October 21, 2012
Mike Myer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Thoughtful, informed Americans are well aware President Barack Obama's war on coal is a reality. What they may not realize is that, in a sense, it's a world war.

They also may realize the campaign is a war on reasonably priced electricity, being sacrificed on the green altar of Obama's determination to force Americans to rely on much higher priced solar and wind energy. What they may not know is that Obama is using our tax dollars to pursue that agenda overseas.

Ever hear of the U.S. Export-Import Bank? It's a taxpayer-funded institution that uses billions of dollars a year, allegedly to promote international trade that creates American jobs. It also is an important foreign policy and social engineering tool.

During Obama's tenure, the EIB has been used to prop up U.S. "green" companies and promote alternative energy overseas. It creates a major source of artificial demand for such technology.

In December 2010, EIB officials telegraphed their plans in a little-noticed press release: "The Export Import Bank of the United States today joined seven other U.S. Government agencies in launching a coordinated effort to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency exports ... Over the past two years, our financing in these sectors has more than doubled to approximately $500 million in fiscal 2010, and we look forward to continuing this growth."

Growth has continued, with the EIB facilitating alternative energy projects all over the world.

Energy projects involving coal - some of it potentially exported from U.S. mines - are another story.

At one time the EIB helped other countries desiring to build coal-fired power plants. No more.

This summer the bank rescinded more than $300 million in assistance that had been promised to an Indian company planning to build a coal-fired power plant. The action came after the Sierra Club protested the plan - and EIB officials made it clear the bias against anything involving coal would continue.

So yes, there is a war on coal, and it has gone international. Obama is using weapons such as the EIB to force his bias down the throats of tens of millions of people in other countries.

And the beauty of it, at least in his mind, is that he gets to use our tax dollars for the purpose.

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