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Football: Monteroso, Young, Pelegreen, Schau Captain 62nd Annual Team

December 16, 2012
By SHAWN RINE, Sports Editor


Dan Monteroso


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Dan Monteroso

Senior WR

St. Clairsville

The Boston College recruit was a man among boys for a Red Devils club that finished as the Ohio Division IV state runner-up. A first team all-stater, Monteroso was at his best in a state semifinal when he caught 10 passes for 276 yards and three touchdowns. The Eastern District Offensive Player of the Year had 59 catches for 1,390 yards and 17 scores heading into the state title game. This is Monteroso's second first-team selection.

Fact Box

Honor Roll



OL - Adam White, Morgantown

OL - Zach Coole, Martins Ferry

OL - Cory Ernest, St. Clairsville

OL - Jake Fieler, Parkersburg South

OL - Matt Hackathorn, Wheeling Park

RB - Jaylon Brown, St. Clairsville

RB - Chazzy Thomas, Morgantown

RB - Maurtice Hython, Harrison Central

QB - Matt Kinnick, St. Clairsville

QB - Rashaen Mitchell, Harrison Central

WR - Dan Monteroso, St. Clairsville (C)

WR - Eric Banks, Wheeling Park

WR - Matt Petrella, Steubenville

Util - Bryce Ingram, Wheeling Park

Util - Jerrid Marhefka, St. Clairsville

Util - Alex Young, Indian Creek (C)

K - Billy Kinney, University


DL - Preston Murray, Oak Glen

DL - Manard Reed, Steubenville

DL - Montel McClelland, Indian Creek

DL - Jay Gossett, St. Clairsville

LB - Nick Pelegreen, Harrison Central (C)

LB - Michael Ferns, St. Clairsville

LB - Geremy Paige, Wheeling Park

LB - Shane Winland, Indian Creek

LB - Jalen Thomas, Morgantown

DB - Logan Cox, Parkersburg South

DB - Cody Schau, Martins Ferry (C)

DB - Shane Commodore, Morgantown

DB - Dion Cunningham, University

Util - Logan Woods, Indian Creek

Util - Alex Weidman, Morgantown

Util - Jack Armstrong, University

Util - Clayton Flowers, Oak Glen

Second Team


OL - Luke McCourt, Steubenville

OL - Joel Giffin, St. Clairsville

OL - Sean McGee, Martins Ferry

OL - Cole Stephen, St. Clairsville

OL - D.J. Summers, Morgantown

RB - Dashon Redman, Steubenville

RB - Dillon Sunnafrank, Cambridge

RB - Chris Graziani, Edison

QB - Zach Phillips, Wheeling Park

QB - Tyler Bolen, Parkersburg South

WR - Evan Magers, John Marshall

WR - Blaine Stewart, Morgantown

WR - Frankie Kamarec, Indian Creek

Util - Alec Buchmelter, Brooke

Util - William Larch, Weir

Util - Robert Vargo, Martins Ferry

K - Zac Musilli, St. Clairsville


DL - Daren Baldwin, Weir

DL - Tony Richardson, University

DL - Troy Blair, Meadowbrook

DL - Chalmer Moffett, Wheeling Park

LB - Mac White, Parkersburg South

LB - Luke Smith, St. Clairsville

LB - Jon Lewis, University

LB - Shane Duncan, Buckeye Local

LB - Tater Blake, Union Local

DB - Eric Piatt, Weir

DB - Justin Osborne, Beaver Local

DB - Quashad Pugh. Wheeling Park

DB - Nate Olmstead, Harrison Central

Util - Daniel Lattanzio, Beaver Local

Util - Jeremiah Fromhart, John Marshall

Util - Joe Staffileno, Brooke

Util - Shane Board, Edison

  • ??

Special Mention Mention

Beaver Local - Phillip Beohm

Brooke - Heath Hildreth

Buckeye Local - Brian Zeroski

Cambridge - Trevor Hardesty

Harrison Central - Tyler Rose

Indian Creek -Levi Flesher

John Marshall - R.J. Kibert

Martins Ferry -Luke Straub

Morgantown - Stone Wolfley

Oak Glen - Bub Haddox

Parkersburg South - Jordan Braniff

St. Clairsville - Derek Shunk, Cole Stephen

Steubenville - Tejuan Lawson, Charlie Keenan

Union Local - Mason Friede

University - Trevor Layton

Weir - Kam Davis

Wheeling Park - Theo Blackston

  • ??

Honorable Mention

Todd Clark, Brooke, Blake Roar, Zachary Connor, Justin Gibson, Indian Creek; Tyler Kobasko, John Marshall; Nick Bain, Eric Flowers, Martins Ferry; Mark Johnson, Ryan Venture, Jordan Malone, Morgantown; Zack Staley, Oak Glen; Cody Hively, Jordan Quiocho, Parkersburg South; Colby Lindsay, Tom Parker, Nick Vanvoltenburg, St. Clairsville; Corey Stinson, Steubenville; Brandon Winsickle, Colton Mckivitz, Union Local; Andrew Wheeler, Wheeling Park.

Past Captains

(The Intelligencer/News-Register All-Valley 'Big School' captains since selections resumed in 1951. One team was picked from 1923-41).

2012 - Dan Monteroso, WR, St. Clairsville; Alex Young, Utility, Indian Creek; Nick Pelegreen, LB, Harrison Central; Cody Schau, DB, Martins Ferry

2011 - Tyrel Simmons, RB, Martins Ferry; Dashaun Lewis, RB, Cambridge; Najee Murray, DB, Steubenville; Preston Murray, DL, Oak Glen.

2010 - Justin Fox, QB, Magnolia; Dein Ward, WR, Bellaire; Ryan Lazear, LB, Brooke; Shaq Petteway, LB, Steubenville.

2009 - Cotey Wallace, Utility, Brooke; Dwight Macon, QB, Steubenville; Richard Hall, LB, Wheeling Park; Tyler Arigoni, LB, Union Local.

2008 - Jordan Barbina, QB, Union Local; Dwight Macon, QB, Steubenville (jr.); Jeremy Murray, Utility, Martins Ferry; Branko Busick, LB, Steubenville.

2007 - Bryan Gaiters, RB, Zanesville; Zach Gust, WR, Union Local; Dan Gordon, LB, Wheeling Central (jr.); Steve Davis, DB, Steubenville.

2006 - Zach Collaros, QB, Steubenville; Nick Rocchio, QB, Bellaire; Stephen Ford, RB, Cambridge.

2005 - Angelo Magnone, OL-DL, Steubenville; Nate Davis, QB, Bellaire; Mike Buffo, LB, Weir

2004 - Ryan Church, Spc, Martins Ferry; Zach Amedro, QB, John Marshall; Zac Cooper, LB, Weir

2003 - Nate Hubbard, RB, Steubenville; Matt Wright, RB, Tyler Consolidated; Cody Tominack, LB, Wheeling Park.

2002 - Caleb Meyer, QB-DB-Spc, Edison; Nate Hubbard (jr.), RB, Steubenville; Shawn Waliesky, FB-LB, Martins Ferry; Aaron Bane, RB-LB, Indian Creek.

2001 - Trent Lehasky, RB-WR, John Marshall; Derrick Stickles, RB-PK, Oak Glen; John Smith, LB, Magnolia; Aaron Bane, LB-FB, Indian Creek (jr.)

2000 - Adam Quirk, QB, St. Clairsville; Billy Rinderer, WR, John Marshall; Todd Filtz, LB, Steubenville

1999 - Jarod Rine, QB, John Marshall; Vinnie West, RB, Steubenville; Tony Collette, RB, Martins Ferry; Josh Ludwig, DL, East Liverpool

1998 - Fred Ray, QB, Martins Ferry; Quincy Wilson, RB, Weir; Derek Palmer, LB, Magnolia

1997 - Ty Masciarelli, QB, Bellaire; Chad Brinker, RB, Martins Ferry; Quincy Wilson (jr.), RB, Weir; Justin Gosney, DB, Indian Creek

1996 - Chad Brinker (jr.), RB, Martins Ferry; Ben Taylor, WR, Bellaire; Kevin Snyder, LB, John Marshall; Jeff Powell, DE, Wheeling Park

1995 - Jose Davis, QB, Bellarie; Rich Mamie, LB, Bellaire; Luke Schumacher, LB, Monroe Central

1994 - Nate Johnson, RB, Steubenville; Chet Pobolish, RB, Buckeye Local; Chad Barkley, LB, Weir

1993 - Mark Cisar, QB, Magnolia; Art Miller, RB, Weir; Chris Enochs, QB, Oak Glen; Rich Theil, DE, St. Clairsville; Todd Clark, DL, Brooke

1992 - Mark Cisar (jr.), QB, Magnolia; Ken Fisher, WR, Magnolia; Bill West, RB, Buckeye Local; Curtis McGhee, RB, Wheeling Central; Kirk Stecik, LB, Brooke; Steve Terry, LB, Steubenville

1991 - Daryl Johnson, RB, Wheeling Park; Aaron Cisar, QB, Magnolia; Bill West (jr.), RB, Buckeye Local; Michael Tillman, WR, Steubenville; Greg Wise, LB, Brooke

1990 - George Vudrogovic, OL, Steubenville; Kevin Heller, QB, Wheeling Park; Bob Dunlevy, DL, Brooke

1989 - Zach Abraham, WR, Wheeling Park; Paul Kokas, OT, Steubenville; David Allen, DL, East Liverpool

1988 - Keith Jeter, RB, Weir; Dunyasha Yetts, RB, Steubenville; Joe Pabian, LB, St. Clairsville; Brian Stolarik, OL, Magnolia

1987 - Willie Clay, OE, Linsly; Hans Yetts, DL, Steubenville; Matt Ceglie, LB, Brooke

1986 - Jeff Sweitzer, QB, Brooke; John Spencer, RB, and Shawn Vincent, QB, St. Clairsville; Larry Long, LB, East Liverpool

1985 - John Spencer (jr.), RB, St. Clairsville; George Kidwell, DL, Brooke; Brian Young, LB, Steubenville

1984 - Mike Tennant, QB, Wheeling Park; Todd Kinder, OE, Bellaire; Charlie Keenan, DL, Steubenville; Dan McGrew, LB, Weir

1983 - Monte Summers, RB, Weir; Mike Mayo, DB, Steubenville; C.J. Gross, LB, St. Clairsville and Joe Vincent, QB, St. Clairsville

1982 - Todd Morris, QB, Magnolia; Andre Creech, QB, Steubenville; Frank Stewart, DL, Brooke; Tim Wilson, RB, Toronto

1981 - Todd Morris (jr.), QB, Magnolia; John Ceglie, LB, Brooke; Dennis Swearingen, DB, Martins Ferry

1980 - Jeff Woofter, OG, Oak Glen; Ernie Anderson, DL, Brooke; Trey Duffy, LB, Bellaire

1979 - Jim Johnson, RB, Martins Ferry; Tom Thomas, DB, Wheeling Central

1978 - Tim Spencer, RB, St. Clairsville; Jeff Patterson, OE, Brooke; John Brown, LB, Jefferson Union; Craig Miller, LB, Bridgeport

1977 - Rico Cox, RB, Wheeling Park; Mike Dawson, DB, Magnolia

1976 - Doug West, RB, Wintersville; Jerry Browne, OE, East Liverpool; Darrell Solomon, MG, Steubenville; Jim Gompers, OE, Wheeling Central

1975 - John Leon, OT, Brooke; Ernie Washington, RB, East Liverpool; Lance Mehl, LB, Bellaire; Jeff Kreider, OE, Oak Glen

1974 - Bill Stone, RB, Toronto; Ernie Andria, MG, Wintersville

1973 - Bob Wilt, QB, Magnolia; Terry Kettlewell, C, Wintersville; Eric Frankovitch, LB, Weir; Dan Mlynek, LB, Bellaire

1972 - Brian Book, QB, and John (Fuzzy) Filliez, OE, Magnolia; Jim Woofter, LB, Oak Glen

1971 - Steve Jones, RB, Toronto; Mike Mehalik, RB, and Dave Tuttle, LB, Steubenville Central; Doug Fedak, LB, Brooke

1970 - Ed (Buzz) Evans, OT, Bellaire St. John's; John Ostrander, MG, Bellaire

1969 - Jeff Rice, RB, St. Clairsville

1968 - Alan Hornyak, QB, Bellaire St. John's

1967 - Pat Korsnick, QB, Wheeling Central

1966 - Mike Palmer, RB, Steubenville; Tom Hogan, T, Wheeling Central

1965 - Don Hutchins, G, Bellaire

1964 - Buster Yannon, RB, Steubenville Central

1963 - Wayne Peters, G, Bellaire

1962 - Harry Wilson, RB, Steubenville

1961 - Larry Duck and Vic Rose, RBs, Martins Ferry

1960 - Bob Kelley (jr.), RB, Weir; Bill Lude, E, Martins Ferry

1959 - Charles Mamula, T, Martins Ferry

1958 - Tom Bloom, RB, Weir

1957 - Roger Holdinsky, RB, Moundsville; Joe Maroon, RB, Bellaire St. John's

1956 - Bob Ryland, E, Linsly

1955 - Geno Sessi, RB, St. Clairsville; Don Kuri, T, Bellaire

1954 - Rich Wilinski, E, Follansbee; Jim Nemec, RB, Bellaire

1953 - Pete Gongola, E, Benwood Union; Ed Garbark, RB, Wheeling Central

1952 - Jerry Comer, RB, Linsly; John Piehowicz, E, Bellaire

1951 - Ken Vargo, C, Martins Ferry

Alex Young


Senior Util

Indian Creek

The definition of a utility player is one that does it all. Young, a quarterback, certainly did for Andrew Connor's club as he helped lead the Redskins back to the playoffs. He completed 69 of 104 passes for 1,022 yards and 15 touchdowns while gaining 378 yards (5.17 a carry) and scoring eight more times while running the ball. Young returned a pair of punts and a kickoff for scores (he had 102 points) and kicked 20 PATs and a field goal.

Adam White

Senior OL


Everyone knows the Mohigans love to run the ball, and they did so extremely well behind this first team all-state selection. Morgantown advanced to the state semifinals behind a punishing ground attack that churned out more than 3,500 yards. Coach John Bowers will surely miss the 6-foot-3, 285-pound three-year starter who had more than 50 pancake blocks.

Zach Coole

Senior OL

Martins Ferry

Coole and his Purple Riders linemates had to learn on the fly this season. Usually the author of one of the area's top ground games, Martins Ferry took to the air which meant more pass blocking for a unit that hasn't had to do that all that much in its career. A three-year starter and captain, Coole, a 5-11, 225-pound guard, graded out at 92 percent this season.

Corey Ernest

Senior OL

St. Clairsville

A team's skill position players, for the most part, are only as good as the offensive line allows. Nobody was more explosive in the open field than the Red Devils, so that has to mean they were good up front. The best of that bunch was Ernest, who helped open up major holes all season. The majority of St. Clairsville's games this season were over before halftime, and some even earlier.

Jake Fieler

Senior OL

Parkersburg South

Coach Jon Bolen calls this 6-6, 285-pound giant quite the college prospect, and with that frame it's not hard to see why. But Fieler was much more than a big body for the Patriots, whose promising season was derailed by a series of injuries. He just recently turned 17 so there is room for both growth - yikes - and improvement.

Matt Hackathorn

Junior OL

Wheeling Park

It's not often that a 6-4, 235-pound offensive lineman comes out of nowhere, but Hackathorn almost did. You have to say almost because Coach Chris Daughtery and company were expecting a huge season from the underclassman and he delivered. Already getting college interest with a season of eligibility remaining, Hackathorn graded out at 90 percent and has ''a very good work ethic and lots of tools.''

Jaylon Brown

Junior RB

St. Clairsville

His two Division-I teammates get most of the attention, but every coach in the state of Ohio knows who he is. Virtually unstoppable and a tough runner for his size, Brown was and is the heart of the Red Devils. He ran for more than 1,700 yards and scored 40 touchdowns en route to being named second team All-Ohio. In addition, he hauled in more than 400 yards worth of passes.

Chazzy Thomas

Junior RB


As explosive a back as we had in the OVAC this year, Thomas unfortunately had his second cut short in the next-to-last regular-season game when he suffered a broken and dislocated ankle. Before he left though, the first team all-stater carried 157 times for 1,503 yards (9.7 avg.) and 20 touchdowns. Thomas also had two catches - one for a touchdown - and despite teams kicking away from him, four kickoff returns for 60 yards.

Maurtice Hython

Senior RB

Harrison Central

A third team All-Ohio selection, Hython was once again a beast for Coach Justin Kropka's club and is a repeat honoree. He helped get the Huskies into the playoffs for just the second time in school history, dragging two and sometimes three tacklers every step of the way. Nimble for such a big, powerful back, Hython ran for nearly 2,000 yards and 20 scores while also gaining nearly 250 yards receiving.

Matt Kinnick

Senior QB

St. Clairsville

The maestro of the high-powered Red Devils, Kinnick was equally adept at running and throwing the football on his way to picking up All-Ohio honors. A repeat selection on our list, Kinnick put up astronomical numbers this season, throwing for more than 4,000 yards and 41 touchdowns, including 474 yards and four scores in the state title game. Equally as impressive, Kinnick only threw six interceptions. He also ran for eight scores.

Rashaen Mitchell

Senior QB

Harrison Central

If Hython was the Huskies' thunder, then Mitchell was certainly their lightning. Mitchell kept opposing defensive coordinators up late at night trying to figure out how they would stop both his left arm and his legs. Mitchell completed 60 percent of his passes, threw for more than 1,500 yards and 15 scores. He was only intercepted five times and when he wasn't heaving the football, was scrambling for extra yardage.

Eric Banks

Junior WR

Wheeling Park

Not matter what phase of the game, this guy was a threat to take the ball to the end zone every time he touched the football in helping lead the Patriots to their second consecutive West Virginia Class AAA playoff berth. A second team all-state selection, he caught 39 passes for 650 yards and seven touchdowns and returned six punts for 94 yards and another score.

Matt Petrella

Senior WR


Pound-for-pound one of the toughest hombres in the OVAC, Petrella made for a nice target for a first-year quarterback. Coach Reno Saccoccia's team made another playoff appearance and Petrella was a major contributor. He caught 34 passes for 468 yards and was named All-OVAC and and All-Quad County. In addition, Petrella made 32 tackles on defense.

Bryce Ingram

Junior Utility

Wheeling Park

A jack-of-all trades, few were more explosive when getting into the open field than Ingram. He burst onto the scene last year but took it up another notch in 2012. Ingram, also a second team all-state pick, scored 13 total TDs this season for the Patriots, running up 1,162 yards on the ground and another 21 receiving. He also spent some time at defensive back.

Jerrid Marhefka

Senior Utility

St. Clairsville

What can you say about a guy who sets a state-finals record 272 yards and four touchdowns on nine catches? That's exactly what this dandy did for McLean's crew. He proved to be the yin to Monteroso's yang on the offensive side of the football. On the defensive side, Marhefka was as good a lock-down defender as there was in the area.

Billy Kinney

Junior Kicker


When John Kelley's offense stalled, he had no worries sending out this 6-3, 187-pounder. Kinney was 8 of 9 on field-goal attempts, connecting on kicks of 42, 43, 29, 42, 33, 27, 42, 37 and 27 yards. He averaged 58.4 yards per kickoff with 28 of those resulting in touchbacks.


Nick Pelegreen


Senior LB

Harrison Central

All you need to know about this guy, is that he finished up his stellar career with as Harrison Central's all-time leading tackler and also holds the record for stops in a single season. Also a standout tight end, Pelegreen was credited with more than 130 tackles this season as the Huskies made their way back into the playoffs.

Cody Schau


Senior DB

Martins Ferry

A first team all-state selection, Schau was dangerous whenever he touched the ball, be in on offense or defense. He was the area's leading receiver (58 catches, 863 yards and nine scores), but made his name on the defensive side of the football. Schau made 58 tackles and intercepted eight passes this season.

Preston Murray

Senior DL

Oak Glen

A finalist for the Hunt award last season and a two-time, first team all-stater, Murray was a beast up front for first-year coach Ian Whittington's club. A 6-1, 225-pound tackle, Murray registered 53 tackles including eight for a loss, and even intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown.

Manard Reed

Senior DL


The rock of the Steubenville defense, Reed made it hard for the opposition to move the ball running the football. The team MVP, Reed made 44 stops and was charted with five sacks. He was also All-OVAC, All-Quad City and All-District in helping Steubenville return to the playoffs.

Montel McClelland

Senior DL

Indian Creek

A three-year letterwinner, McClelland (6-1, 215) never met an offensive lineman he couldn't beat, and his stats bear that. He recorded 20 tackles, 17 assists, nine sacks. In addition, McClelland had 26 QB hurries, broke up two passes, had an interception and caused and recovered a fumble. He was first team All-Eastern District.

Jay Gossett

Senior DL

St. Clairsville

If you take a look at most of the pictures of the St. Clairsville defense that appeared in local newspapers this season, you saw a common theme - Gossett chasing down the opposing quarterback. The Red Devils were underrated on that side of the ball, but everyone knew who Gossett was and where he was on the field.

Michael Ferns

Junior LB

St. Clairsville

Ferns committed to the University of Michigan prior to the season and then went out and made sure everyone recognized he was every bit worthy of the attention. A first team All-Ohio pick, Ferns again made more than 100 tackles and was the backbone of the Red Devils' defense. Oh, and he found time to wreck people on the other side of the ball as a fullback.

Geremy Paige

Junior LB

Wheeling Park

The leading tackler on Wheeling Park's team last season as a sophomore, Paige proved in 2012 that it was certainly no fluke. Also named first team All-West Virginia, Paige recorded 123 tackles and was unblockable at times. In addition, he recorded three sacks and saw carries out of the backfield on offense.

Shane Winland

Senior LB

Indian Creek

A four-year letterwinner, Winland played middle linebacker, offensive line and was the long snapper for the Redskins. A 6-0, 240-pounder, he was charted with 91 total tackles - 47 solos - and had six QB hurries, two sacks, a pass breakup and caused a pair of fumbles.

Jalen Thomas

Senior LB


He was the leader of the Mohigans' rock-ribbed defense this season. A 5-10, 230-pound three-year starter for Coach Bowers, Thomas made 104 tackles during the regular season. In addition, he was charted with seven tackles for a loss, one sack, one pass breakup and a forced fumble.

Logan Cox

Senior DB

Parkersburg South

A 6-3, 200-pound physical corner, Cox wasn't afraid to come up and lay the wood to opposing ballcarriers. While cornerbacks are generally thought to not want to hit, Cox, who registered 88 tackles this season, seemed intent to defy that label. He also intercepted five passes.

Shane Commodore

Senior DB


A second team all-state selection, Commodore became a household name when he went nuts running the football during the regular season. Those who follow Morgantown though, already knew who he was because of his defensive exploits. Commodore had 76 tackles, six for loss, and a sack, while also breaking up six passes.

Dion Cunningham

Senior DB


A four-year starter for Kelley, he led the club in tackles this season with 76. Cunningham added six tackled for a loss and four interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown. Offensively he had 23 catches and three touchdowns to go along with 210 return yards.

Logan Woods

Senior DB

Indian Creek

While many of the other defensive backs on this list were tackle machines, Woods was best when in coverage for the Redskins. He recorded 28 total tackles, including a sack, but broke up five passes and caused a fumble. Woods also had 874 yards and nine TDs rushing to go along with 187 yards in kickoff returns.

Alex Weidman

Senior Utility

Weidman, who has family in Wheeling, makes it as a utility selection because of the versatility to play both linebacker and safety. At 5-9, 175 pounds, he was a three-year starter for the Mohigans. Weidman 52 tackles, three of which went for losses, and three pass breakups. Offensively he had more than 500 yards and nine touchdowns.

Jack Armstrong

Senior Utility


No matter what was needed, Armstrong came through for the Hawks. He secured 28 tackles and four interceptions while playing defense. Not only that, but offensively Armstrong totaled 654 yards and scored 11 touchdowns while rushing, receiving and returning kicks.

Clayton Flowers

Senior Utility

Oak Glen

He may have lacked in size (5-6, 155 pounds), but he made up for it in toughness. One of the leaders on a Golden Bears squad that lost several to graduation, Flowers played free safety and did so well. He was charted with 87 tackles including a loss, and also intercepted three passes.

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