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Nardone Proud to Serve Country, Valley

November 14, 2013
The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Dr. Emil Nardone, II, DC, CCWP grew up in a meager household in Benwood. Throughout his childhood, he excelled at sports and enjoyed being part of a team.

After high school, he joined the ultimate team, the United States Army where he proudly served for nearly a decade. His experience defending our nation taught him the importance of military service, commitment and honor. To this day, Nardone supports veterans at every possible opportunity. Each November, on Veterans Day, he offers free health screenings in his clinic for active and retired veterans.

During his years of military service, Nardone organized his personal resources to put himself through college. He received a dual Bachelor's of Science degree in biology and chemistry from Fairmont State University. It was during that time that he recognized his passion and ministry for good health and healing. Once he completed his undergraduate studies, he chose to pursue a doctorate degree in chiropractic medicine from the Southern California University of Health Sciences in Los Angeles. After completing his studies in California, world-class opportunities to practice anywhere in the country were offered to him. He rejected all of those opportunities and instead decided to return to his roots in the Ohio Valley.

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Today, he holds licensures in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and patients nationally and from the tri-state area can visit his office to receive superior health care.

Despite his challenging upbringing in West Virginia, Nardone wanted to take his chiropractic skills back to one of the poorest, most obese states in the country.

"I could see that people in this community were suffering from a lack of proper nutrition because there is virtually no education available to promote healthy living and eating habits," he said.

He watched his own father suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes, and a whole host of other illnesses. Nardone firmly believes that living a balanced lifestyle has a far greater impact on your health than surgeries or drugs.

After his father's death, Nardone committed himself to learning how to bring patients back to a healthier way of life, without the use of harmful and addictive drugs. Nardone has discovered an alternative, natural treatment for type II diabetes and hypothyroidism and has an unprecedented success rate getting patients off of insulin and other diabetes-driven medications. He has determined that many, if not all, of the diabetic medications available today carry the risk of serious side effects. Some of the side effects of the medication cause weight gain and ultimately perpetuate the disease long term.

Nardone meets each patient and learns about his or her lifestyle and habits so he can individually tailor and customize a treatment plan for them based on their underlying causative factors.

"Most physicians test for blood sugar levels and A1C levels and not much else," he said.

Instead, Nardone has designed an integrative testing approach that goes into much more depth to reveal the true factors that have put his patients in poor health. He has proven with countless patients of his Diabetes Reversal Treatment Program, one of the first integrated functional health centers in the U.S. - that once someone finally understands why they have diabetes and the causative factors, instead of just being told it's a genetic condition, they can adjust their lifestyle to move away from all of the drugs and insulin injections and reverse their chronic condition.

Nardone also holds expert certifications in biomechanics, whiplash, trauma and nutrition. He continues to advance his studies and certifications in the areas of neurology and functional endocrinology and has been practicing for more than 15 years.

He lives in the Northern Panhandle with his wife, Healy Baumgardner-Nardone, an accomplished media and public relations professional. She has served the country as a Senior Press Presidential Appointee of George W. Bush and as Press Secretary of Energy for the U.S. They are both natives of Marshall County with a deep commitment to the community and the individuals who live and work here.

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