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Safe Alternative Banking Options Available for Customers


Staff Writer

BELLAIRE — Although the state of the economy has changed in the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, local banks are adapting and helping customers find alternative options for their banking needs.

Belmont Savings Bank has implemented many changes to ensure the health and safety of its employees and customers, while continuing to provide services and alternative options to residents of the Ohio Valley. The bank made the decision to close its branch lobbies but remains open for drive-thru services and for appointments.

President and CEO Todd Cover said the bank has been fortunate in its ability to adjust with many of the obstacles faced with the pandemic.

“Although we closed our branch lobbies, we were able to continue to service our customers in person when they made an appointment. We also took advantage of technology and implemented Docusign,” he said.

Through Docusign, customers are now able to sign their private documents securely online without having to come into the bank, Cover added.

Due to the pandemic, many residents have chosen to hold off on making major purchases. Cover said he is hopeful that consumers will once again feel more comfortable with these purchases in the future.

“Our economy is going through so much change right now. When there is change, the consumer tends to be very conserative when it comes to making big purchases such as a home. When the state of the economy changes, and the consumer feels a little more secure, we should see a rise in major purchases such as a home or a car,” he said.

Cover said that now is a “great time” to make these purchases as finance rates are very low. However, with the economy as it is, another option residents may want to consider is refinancing.

“Many people are worried about their job, and their finances. Although we may not see many purchases right now, it is a great time to refinance and take advantage of those low rates,” he said.

Cover said the bank’s mortgage loan rates are very competitive right now.

“And we don’t sell our loans, so their loans stay at BSB,” he said.

BSB is hopeful for the future and in its ability to provide good services to residents of the Ohio Valley.

“We are excited about the future of BSB. We are able to offer our business customers the same products they would receive at a larger bank, but still providing them the service of a local community bank,” he said.

Cover said the bank will soon launch a new service to its customers that will allow them to do all their banking from the comfort and safety of their home.

“We are very close to launching an online account opening. This will give customers the opportunity to open their account online without having to step foot into the bank,” he said.

BSB has four locations including in Bellaire, St. Clairsville, Barnesville, and Powhatan.

For more information on BSB or to speak with a team member, call 740-676-1165.


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