Wayt Adds Name To Record Book

Central soccer star becomes leading scorer

Photo by Kyle Lutz Wheeling Central’s Kenadee Wayt broke the Wheeling Central scoring record when she tallied her 89th goal against Cambridge on Sept. 1. She currently sits at 92 goals.

WHEELING — Needless to say, Wheeling Central’s Kenadee Wayt has had one of the best sports careers in school history. She has helped the Maroon Knights win a West Virginia Class A state championship in track in 2017. She also was a main reason that Wheeling Central won its first on-field 1A/3A OVAC soccer championship.

The senior, who holds a handful of records in track, recently put her name in another record book. On Sept. 1, Wayt tallied two goals against Cambridge in a victory. However, her second of the match was the 89th of her career, which also broke the school record for goals scored.

“It’s funny because right before I scored, I knew I had a set up,” Wayt said about breaking the record. “And I was like, ‘This could be it.’ And when I scored, everyone celebrated with me. It was great. I want to get to 100. I think that would be more exciting.

“I knew I needed two and I was like, ‘I could do that.’ Because in my previous games, I’ve been scoring at least two so I was pretty confident. I knew I just needed to take my time and go into it like any other game.”

If you would ask Wayt if she had any idea she would be in this position in her prep sports career, she would shake her head in disbelief.

“No, no clue. It’s crazy now to look back when I was a freshman, I had no idea that this would be happening. Breaking a record for goals, I had no idea that I would do that,” Wayt said.

Wayt, who is more known for her talents on the track as she has records in multiple events, has always been around soccer. In fact, she states she uses her track talents as an advantage when she is scoring goals on the soccer field.

“When I was little. I think I was three or four,” Wayt said about when she started playing soccer. ” I think I’m good at soccer because I’m fast. All my goals are basically breakaways so I have to thank my running for that.”

On the track, Wayt has set the school records in the 200 and is a part of all the record-breaking relay events. Being a standout athlete in two sports is a challenge enough. What makes this scoring milestone so much more special is that it’s rare for an athlete to hold a school record in two sports, let alone one.

“She can score against anyone,” Wheeling Central coach Julie Barak said. “She scored two goals single-handily against Morgantown and they’re a phenomenal team. She scored two against Cambridge, but what’s so wonderful after she had that, she had a few opportunities where she could have easily taken another.

“She looked for a teammate and passed, so she not only had two goals, she had two assists. I know that’s hard in any sport. If you’re the person that scores and they’re looking for you, it’s hard sometimes to be selfless, and that to me shows more about her that she could be much closer to 100 now after that. But she shared the wealth and she’s grown to that.

“For me, I love seeing that, almost more than the goals. Although the goals are pretty.”

Wayt is currently at 92 goals for her career. The Maroon Knights’ most recent games were during the Bishop’s Cup last Friday and Saturday. On Friday against Huntington St. Joe’s, Wayt found the back of the net and mirrored her performance on Saturday as she scored the lone goal for the Maroon Knights in a victory against Madonna.

“It was awesome because of setting records in track, it’s great to have one in soccer, too, because we don’t have any,” Wayt said. “So it’s great to have one in soccer and track.”

There’s now another milestone in sight for Wayt. It just so happens to be one of her goals for the season. With the season just getting underway, Wayt needs eight goals to reached the monumental 100 mark.

However, with the team player that Wayt has always been, that’s not the only thing in the back of her mind.

“That’s my biggest goal,” Wayt said about scoring goal 100. “I also want to make it to the state tournament. We do have a young team, a new young team, so it’ll be harder this year. If we work together, I feel like we could have a shot.”


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