Bellaire, Shadyside Shut Down Youth Sports

BELLAIRE — As a fallout from both Bellaire and Shadyside High Schools announcing suspension of their athletic teams’ workouts for an undisclosed period of time, youth sports in the two communities are following suit.

Both the Bellaire Junior Sports and Shadyside Youth Baseball and Softball Association have suspended their leagues from playing and/or practicing out of precaution of COVID-19.

David Menendez, who heads up the Bellaire youth softball program and is also the Big Reds’ varsity softball coach, informed other communities of his decision on Sunday.

Bellaire had a high school athlete test positive for coronavirus and because of possible interaction with younger siblings or their friends, Menendez made the decision to halt the league.

In a text message, Menendez wrote, “I have told me coaches to cancel all practices and to reschedule any games they have scheduled for this week. Several of the girls have brothers on the (football) team and that is the reason for this decision.”

In the text message, Menendez indicated the league could resume practicing and playing once “the school gets the test results back.”

However, he did leave up the possibility that the league may be called off for the remainder of the summer.

As for the baseball portion, Bellaire Junior Sports President Rick Zonker made the decision Monday morning to suspend activities surrounding the league.

Youth baseball in Bellaire is suspended for this week, at least, according to Zonker. He didn’t rule out that there will no action on the community diamonds next week either.

Meanwhile, in Shadyside, the decision was made official Saturday that both baseball and softball would be on hiatus.

All games — regardless of location — scheduled for this week will be rescheduled, according to Amber Prickett, who is the league secretary.

“We followed the school’s decision due to siblings being involved with Shadyside Youth Baseball and Softball,” Prickett said. “Anything we can do to protect the kids.”

Shadyside is suspended until at least June 29, but based on pending test results, that date could be extended.


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