Shadyside Resumes Workouts Today

SHADYSIDE — A little less than a week after it issued a shutdown of sports conditioning and workouts, Shadyside has announced its return to action plan.

Tiger athletes will resume workouts today after the administration has deemed it safe because not one current Shadyside High School student-athlete, who was tested, returned a positive for COVID-19.

Shadyside was the first area school to impose a shutdown after several recent graduates of the school returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach and tested positive for the coronavirus.

“The initial shutdown of five days was to allow people who needed to get tested an opportunity to do that,” Triveri said. “Our families have done a great job of getting the kids tested.”

Since Shadyside suspended activities, Bellaire, Martins Ferry, St. Clairsville and Buckeye Local have followed suit. Both Bellaire and Martins Ferry had a student-athlete test positive for COVID-19.

As Shadyside returns to sports, Triveri said all of the original OHSAA-recommended guidelines will remain in place. Coaches will wear masks, athletes will have their temperatures taken and questions will be asked.

However, the school district opted against imposing a guideline that has student-athletes returning from vacations to stay away from their respective teams workouts for a certain period of time.

“We had a board of education meeting and decided that putting in a mandate about quarantining upon returning from vacation would be impossible to manage and monitor,” Triveri said.

Shadyside’s coaches will have the option of separating the athlete coming off vacation to allow him or her to work out individually away from the remainder of the team.

“We’re taking this as it comes,” Triveri said. “We’re hoping that the large-scale trips like senior trips are over and vacations at this point are more family oriented.”

On the school district’s website (shadysideschools.com), there is a list of newly created guidelines that are going into effect immediately.

Many of the guidelines put more of the onus on the student-athlete’s family.

“We want our families to play a larger role because it has to be a team effort,” Triveri said. “We can’t have one group doing one thing and another group doing another thing. We have to work together.”


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