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Weir’s Red Rider Logo Being Phased Out


While Weir High School currently is phasing out its Red Rider logo — not the name — around its facilities, it still could be seen during Friday’s softball contest at Brooke.

Weir is encouraging everyone within the school to move on from the image. However, because the announcement occurred just a few days ago and is still fresh, the Red Riders cannot purchase new equipment without the logo. It definitely is not allowed to order anything else with it from here on out.

The Red Rider image was on the softball squad’s batting helmets as it has been all season, as well on the coaches’ hats and jackets. It could be seen on some of the fans. The same holds true for the baseball team.

When spring season concludes, then the logo will be gone for good.

“Over the course of the year, Weir High School has been removing images of a specific cartoon depicting Native American stereotypes,” Principal Kristin Bissett said in a statement. “This cartoon is not an official school mascot, but it has appeared on apparel and other items representing Weir High School.

“Throughout the school year, we have received feedback from parents, students and community members reinforcing our thoughts that the stereotype is an inappropriate representation for the school. We are continuing to take steps to remove this depiction from official school representation.”

Bissett added that the official logo of WHS continues to be the black, block “W” emblem. There is no word regarding the Red Rider name.

“Years ago, it was not chosen out of a sign of disrespect or humor or any negative idea about Native Americans. I’m sure it was chosen because of the fierce, warrior mentality,” head softball coach John Leary said. “For that, I think it’s ridiculous to say it’s disparaging or somehow insulting that we use that logo.”

“I think it’s a sign of respect. No school will pick a logo of something to demean anybody, or that it’s embarrassing to somebody else.

“I thought long and hard about this: If we’re going to get into this as a society, then Notre Dame will have to change their logo. The (Indian Creek) Redskins will have an issue. Morgantown are the Mohigans. We can go up and down the valley.”

The Red Rider is not represented or patched on the softball jerseys, as is the case with the other sports.

A few seasons ago, the baseball team wore it on its hats and left sleeve, similar to the Cleveland Indians prior to 2018. This season, its black hats sport the image, while its red caps has a white WH logo on the front and a Red Rider on the back.


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