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High School Golf Season Is Coming Up

As we roll into August, this means that families are starting to look at back to school supplies (although I think they are on sale in some stores 365 days a year) and perhaps trying to sneak in a quick getaway before early bus rides and late-night homework dominate the landscape of the household.

Another thing that will move into many family homes is high school golf. Many youngsters will be considering if they should try out for the school team, are they good enough and is it any fun. I will answer all those questions with a resounding yes. If you play golf and you are interested in playing for the team, chances are you are very capable of making the team. Golf coaches, high school coaches from any sport, are in desperate need of players. Schools that offer golf do so as an extra-curricular activity.

It is very important for all to realize that those activities, like theater, debate and golf will go away if no one participates.

At one time, my daughter was an incoming Freshmen in high school, in Pittsburgh. There were over 1200 students in her school, and she was overwhelmed, to say the least. But the one thing that made it all easier was she had made the soccer team before school started. She was already on a team, had teammates and had exposure to school outside the classroom. My daughter is the perfect example as why you want to be involved in activities.

This column is about golf, so I will address the benefits of being on the golf team at your high school. First, if you play golf, it is a chance to do something associated with school you enjoy. Second, it is a chance to be part of a team, a group and an activity that makes school much more enjoyable, because usually teammates are friends. And finally, you may get to leave early from school if you play in a match. I have to say, from a personal standpoint, the fact I could leave Algebra 2 with Mr. Greenberger seven times my freshman year, made his class just that much more bearable.

If you are unsure whether you want to play, or you need some help or insight into golf swing, skill improvement, equipment checks or anything associated with golf, I am here. I tell my Assistant Blake almost every day that I do not take money from kids. Truly, my passion to help is not financially related, it is participation and growth of the game related. Please keep me in mind if you or your youngster are gearing up for high school golf, or if your son or daughter is on the fence whether to play or not, let’s talk. Playing high school golf is a great activity. If I can help anyone pursue a spot on the team, please reach out.

Rich Conwell is the General Manager & PGA Head Golf Professional at Wheeling Country Club and can be reached with questions or comments at rconwell@wheelingcountryclub.com or 304-232-2000.


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