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Family Ties at Wheeling Country Club Tennis Tourney

WHEELING — The Wheeling Country Club has a way with bringing families together on the tennis court.

On Saturday, Brett Andrews and his daughter — Taylor Andrews of the Wheeling Park tennis team — teamed up in the Wheeling Country Club Fall Mix Doubles Tournament and walked away victorious to earn a spot in Sunday’s championship round.

It was a special moment for both of them.

“This is the first tournament that we’ve played together and it was awesome,” Brett said. “We had fun and she carried me through it.”

Brett added that they couldn’t have done it without the strong net game of Taylor’s.

“She is a beast at the net and she didn’t learn that from me,” he said.

Taylor may be a natural at the net but she admits that she does learn a lot from playing alongside her father.

“It’s pretty fun playing with him,” she said. “He gives me tips and what I can do to improve on some things. His serve has a lot of power on it, too.”

It doesn’t stop there. Adding to the family fun was Taylor’s grandfather and Brett’s dad, Tom Andrews, who was on the opposing side of the net in the loss with his doubles partner Patty Dudek.

“I’ve played with him a lot of times,” Brett said of his dad. “They played well but Patty carried them,” he added with a laugh.

Despite going against her grandfather, Taylor had her eyes on the prize and was not afraid to show it.

“We are a competitive family,” she said. “We definitely enjoy some trash talking out here but it’s a lot of fun.

“I’m excited for the finals.”

Who will the father and daughter duo take on in the finals? Well, another group that has family ties.

Samantha Piko, who is the daughter of Wheeling Country Club Tennis Pro Missy Bailey-Piko, will team up with Chad Broadwater, the father of Taylor Broadwater — Taylor Andrews’ teammate on the Park tennis team.

“I started doing an intermediate class here and I got like 20 members and families started showing up,” Bailey-Piko said. “Chad came to our class because of his daughter who plays at Park. He had never played tennis before but he and my daughter are playing together and it is really fun. They have a great time and it’s all about having a great time.”

Samantha Piko is only 10 years old but plays well-beyond her years when she steps on the court.

“My daughter, my husband and I all played (Saturday) but my daughter is the only one advancing to the finals,” Bailey-Piko said with a laugh. “I’m super excited. She is really fun to watch. The two youngest players in the tournament are Taylor Andrews and my daughter.”

Bailey-Piko loves spending time with her family on the tennis courts but her favorite part is making the game enjoyable for other families, as well.

“My favorite thing is to have all these families come out,” Bailey-Piko said. “This intermediate night has exploded because we have families coming and it’s a great experience.”


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