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Panthers Visit Texans in Prime Time



AP Pro Football Writer

In an effort to get every team a Thursday game, NFL schedule makers often take some of the likely tail-enders and stick them in early season games.

Sort of a “let’s get them out of the way” philosophy.

Look for the Panthers, ranked 10th in the AP Pro32, and 8-point favorites over No. 27 Houston, to give Davis Mills fits.


KNOCKOUT POOL: Cleveland made it tighter than it should have been, but we survived to pick DENVER this week.

No. 31 New York Jets (plus 11) at No. 12 Denver

Teddy Bridgewater was once Jets property. Now he will tear them down.


No. 24 Cincinnati (plus 5) at No. 14 Pittsburgh

This worked for us in Week 1, and the Steelers have a bunch of key injuries.


No. 1 Tampa Bay (plus 1) at No. 2 Los Angeles Rams

It makes no sense to bet against that 44-year-old quarterback and his Bucs crew. Call us nonsensical.

RAMS, 30-27

No. 17 New Orleans (plus 3) at No. 19 New England

Drew Brees versus Tom Brady. Can’t wait … Oh, wait, they ain’t there anymore.


No. 21 Miami (plus 4) at No. 5 Las Vegas

WE BELIEVE. At least this week, Pro Picks believes in the Raiders with Miami undermanned.

RAIDERS, 26-16

No. 18 Los Angeles Chargers (plus 7) at No. 3 Kansas City

That KC defense is worrisome. But Patrick Mahomes won’t get intercepted in a key spot again.

CHIEFS, 30-27

No. 6 Baltimore (minus 9) at No. 28 Detroit

That Ravens D is worrisome, too.

RAVENS, 28-24

No. 4 Arizona (minus 8) at No. 32 Jacksonville

In 2021, West teams heading East simply shrug — and win.


No. 11 Seattle (minus 2) at No. 25 (tie)


Well, not all of them.

VIKINGS, 27-26

No. 15 Green Bay (plus 4) at No. 8 San Francisco

After two victories in the Eastern time zone, the Niners get a home game. And …

49ERS, 30-28

No. 22 Washington (plus 9) at No. 7 Buffalo

Thought about this as Best Bet, but still not sure about Buffalo.

BILLS, 20-10

No. 23 Chicago (plus 7) at No. 9 Cleveland

Also not sure what the Browns are.

BROWNS, 27-17

No. 25 (tie) Indianapolis (plus 6) at No. 16 Tennessee

Early battle for AFC South lead.

TITANS, 24-13

No. 20 Philadelphia (plus 4) at No. 13 Dallas, Monday night

Early battle for the NFC East lead. More like a pillow fight.

COWBOYS, 30-20

No. 30 Atlanta (plus 3) at No. 29 New York Giants

This week’s only matchup of winless clubs.

GIANTS, 26-22


Last Week: Straight up: 11-5. Against spread: 10-5-1.

Season: Straight up: 18-14. Against spread: 16-14-2.

Best Bet: Straight up: 2-0. Against spread: 2-0

Upset Special: Straight up: 2-0. Against spread: 2-0.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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