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Park-Cleveland VASJ Game Ruled No-Contest

WHEELING — It’s official, Wheeling Park will not forfeit its game against Cleveland VASJ that was previously canceled due to positive COVID tests on the Park football team. That game will now be ruled a no-contest — making Park’s record 1-2 instead of 1-3.

“Ohio does not give points to a team for a game that was not played,” Park coach Chris Daugherty said. “Cleveland VASJ gets nothing out of it, so as long as they agree to a no-contest, which they did, it won’t count against us.”

After suffering back-to-back losses to powerhouses in Steubenville and University, along with a season-opening win against another juggernaut in St. Clairsville, the no-contest against Cleveland VASJ could be huge come playoff time for the Patriots.

“As long as we start winning games it will help a lot,” Daugherty said. “The state lets you play nine games and divides them by nine so, essentially, if we would go 7-2 it would be equivalent to 8-2.”

Park is enjoying a week off this week for its bye week and will have a quick turnaround as the treacherous season slate continues as defending W.Va. Class AA state champion Fairmont Senior comes to town next week.

“It’s good and bad,” Daugherty said of the bye week. “There are times in football where a kid or two could be banged up and it’s good for that kid to take a week off but I’m always a little worried of having rust. I think we had a little bit of that going into University. We ended up having a bye week with our game getting canceled so we lost practice. It can take awhile to get back in the groove so we have to do everything we can to continue playing pretty sharp.”


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