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Sunday Softball Game Is For a Good Cause

Money will go toward a heart transplant for former coach Weisal

WHEELING — Don Weisal, 53, has been around sports his entire lift.

He was the 1992 Manager of the Year in the Ohio Valley Baseball League where he coached the Wheeling Islanders, he coached Bishop Donahue’s track and football teams from 2006-2009, and coached JV baseball and helped out with the Wheeling Post 1 team in the past.

Now, he has taken a step back from sports and is eagerly awaiting a heart transplant from the hospital at West Virginia University.

On Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at Geno’s Field of the I-470 Complex, there will be a charity softball game to help Weisal raise money for the transplant.

“We’ll have raffles and a Chinese auction at the game and we have a Facebook Page called the Tin Man Fund where people can make a donation if they can’t make the game,” Weisal said. “The help we are getting is overwhelming sometimes. We will recognize everyone who helps out.

“We’ll also have a trip planned to Morgantown for the West Virginia-Iowa State game and the bus trip is sold out already. We’ll have some spaghetti dinners and other things to help cover my expenses for rehab, recovery and medicines. If we have money left over I will give it back.”

Weisal has been on the wait-list since March and is ready at a moment’s notice.

“The heart transplant is not scheduled so they will call me when a heart is available, so I have my bags packed,” Weisal said. “I can’t be more than four hours away from Morgantown because there is a very small window when they can do it. My niece lives in Florida so I can’t see her unless she comes here.”

Sports has always meant so much to Weisal and he is looking forward to the softball game.

“Sports is where I made a lot of my friends,” Weisal said. “I enjoyed teaching kids and the fact that I can help someone and touch their lives where they remember me 30 years down the road means a lot to me.”

Weisal is hoping to do a little coaching this winter but if he gets the call for a heart transplant, it could open up even more possibilities for his future.

“I’ll try to coach basketball at the Y this winter if they need someone but right now I’m just taking care of myself,” Weisal said. “I could go do more coaching in the summer if I get the call. Right now if it gets too hot it just zaps my energy.

“Maybe I could even get back to working. I was a teacher’s aid at Ohio County Schools but it just got to be too much on my heart.”

Those who cannot attend the game can also make a donation on paypal at tinmantweisal@gmail.com


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