Trooper reunites boy with favorite stuffed toy, 'booboo'

An Ohio state trooper reunited a young boy with his favorite stuffed toy, ‘booboo’, that was dropped out of a car window on a highway.

Leah Sharkey shared on Facebook that she was driving on the Ohio Turnpike on Sunday when she heard her 3-year-old son screaming from the backseat about his toy named “booboo.”

Sharkey said she pulled over and realized her son had dropped the toy out of the window. She said she reversed slowly a short distance in the shoulder hoping to come across the toy when a state trooper pulled up to see if she was okay.

Sharkey wrote that she tearfully told trooper Alex Schlottag, 24, about the missing toy. Schlottag offered to look and took down Sharkey’s number, she said.

About half an hour later, Sharkey received a call from Schlottag saying the plush friend had been found.

In her Facebook post, Sharkey thanked Schlottag and shared a video showing her son reuniting with booboo and hugging the officer.

Earlier in December, fellow officers at the Milan Post and dispatchers serving Milan at the Cleveland Dispatch named Schlottag Trooper of the Year.