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Belmont Career Center

Principal’s List

(no grade lower than A)

Allied Health

Taylor Huntsman, Union Local

Carpentry II

Brennon Grimm, St. Clairsville

Connections A

Courtney Coen, Bridgeport

Austin King, Bridgeport

Nikki Neff, Bellaire

Connections B

Shawn Bumgardner, Union Local

Alan Carpenter, Union Local

Dental I

Kassi Roby, Union Local

Dental II

Amanda McClintock, Bellaire

Hair Design I

Isabella Goodhart, Barnesville

Occupational Lab

Kyle McLauhlin, Barnesville.


Carolina Lancaster, Union Local

Visual Graphic I

Jennifer Bonnette, Martins Ferry

Haley Fillon, St. Clairsville

Honor Roll

(no grade lower than a B)

AG 1

Tyler Morgan, Barnesville

Logan Schramm, Shadyside

Sara Warner, Bellaire

Allied Health I

Samantha Blake, Union Local

Dara Lucas, Union Local

Kelsey Perdue, Barnesville

Ambrosia Sirback, Martins Ferry

Cheyenne Tharp, Harrison Central

Allied Health II

Erica Duffy, Bridgeport

Kelsey Shaw, Union Local

Auto Collision I

Rebekka Price, Barnesville.

AutoTech II

Caige Smith, Bellaire

Carpentry I

Kaleb Dobbs, Union Local

Carpentry II

Case Fine, Bridgeport


Preston Brown, Bridgeport

Bryce Farrabee, Barnesville

Jason Gerevic, Martins Ferry

David Hoge, Shadyside

Harry Ignacak, Union Local

Kaitlyn Kovacs, Union Local

Jeremiah McKivitz, Union Local

Steven Reed, Union Local

Calvin Sheppard, Union Local

Kenneth Spoon, Bridgeport

Shauna Studenc, Union local

Chase Thompson, Barnesville

Dental I

Emma Faulkner, Union Local

Hayley Holskey, Barnesville

Hair Design I

Alexis Alfman, Union Local

Ashley Arnold, Bridgeport

Rachael Santini, Union Local

Alysa Tomer, Union Local

Hair Design II

Michell Carr-Charlton, Martins Ferry

Alexis Marovich, Barnesville

Natalie McLeod, St. Clairsville

Hannah Shepherd, Union Local

Hospitality II

James Coleman, Barnesville

Amber Lucas, Bellaire

Bryce Shiflett, Bellaire


Laklynn Carpenter, Union Local

Kaitlyn Hanasky, Shadyside

Marieh Huntsman, Barnesville

Travis Mann, Union Local

Rebekah McGlothlin, St. Clairsville

Julie Ramsay, Shadyside

Britney Showalter, Barnesville

PC Tech 1

Justin Hartley, Harrison Central

Hunter Lough, Shadyside

Precision Machining I

Ian Alexander, Union Local

Aaron Harrigan, Shadyside

Small Engines II

Brandon Galloway, Bridgeport

Cathreene Scott, Shadyside

Visual Graphic I

Cody Karkowski, Shadyside

Macy Wise, Barnesville

Welding I

Brett Berberich, Bellaire

Welding II

Zachary Brownfield, Barnesville

David Gordon, St. Clairsville

Joshua Kahl, Shadyside

Cody Krol, Bridgeport

Kara Scarfpin, Martins Ferry


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

I'm interested in (please check all that apply)


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