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‘Attitude of Gratitude’ Celebrates Mother’s Generosity

The love and generosity of a Wheeling woman who died earlier this year has inspired her family to continue her good works with the Welty Home giving tree.

The tree is a project of the residents and staff of Welty Home, an assisted living residence in Wheeling, to help less fortunate people during the Christmas season. This year’s tree has become a tribute to former Welty Home resident Virginia Ritner.

Ritner loved to knit and crochet, and always contributed numerous items to the Welty giving tree. After Ritner’s death in July, her daughter Debbie Hinkle, who lives in Buckhannon, decided to continue her mother’s generous tradition.

Last week, Welty Home Activities Director Michelle Ruckman received a box filled with hats and scarves that Hinkle had crocheted in honor of her dear mother, along with a note.

“One of my mother’s greatest pleasures was to do for and give to others,” Hinkle wrote. “When I would visit, she would always ask me to bring yarn so she could knit something for someone else. Her excitement each year to fill the Christmas giving tree was such a wonderful example for our family of the attitude of gratitude in serving others. I hope these scarves bring warmth and love to those who receive them. Merry Christmas to you all. You shall always have a special place in our hearts.”

Ruckman said the gifts from Hinkle and other residents will be distributed to people at the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center in time for Christmas.

“This project is a wonderful tribute to Mrs. Ritner’s generous spirit,” Ruckman said. “We are so happy that her family decided to honor her in a way that will bring joy to so many people in need.”


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