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OVRTA Levies Approved By Voters in Wheeling, Bethlehem and Benwood

Bus service will continue for residents in Wheeling, Bethlehem and Benwood until 2020 under the Ohio Valley Regional Transit Authority.

Voters strongly supported levies in each location, with unofficial results showing a 74 percent vote in Wheeling at a total of 8,288 to 2,856; 77 percent in Bethlehem, with 1,094 votes against 321; and Benwood with 83 percent approval, at a total of 360 to 74. The measures required 60-percent support to pass

The measure was to approve a four-year continuation of OVRTA services without raising the existing levy rates. Belmont and Jefferson counties also approved levies to continue bus services under the East Ohio Regional Transit Authority, the Ohio arm of OVRTA.

Belmont County approved the matter with 4,472 votes against 2,576. Jefferson County finished with 291 approving votes against 147.

Bethlehem Mayor Tim Bishop was glad the levy passed. He said it’s an important resource for the village, as residents depend on the service to live their lives.

Previously, Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott said bus service is part of a broader public transportation network. He hopes it will eventually be joined by rideshare services such as Uber.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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