Thompson Elected to Fourth House Term

Ohio 95th District House Rep. Andy Thompson defeated Belmont County Commissioner Ginny Favede on Tuesday and hopes his final term in the House will be a fruitful one.

Claiming victory by more than 12,000 votes, Thompson, a Republican, was elected to his fourth term in the House Tuesday night. Looking forward, Thompson hopes the changing political climate in the federal government will be more amicable to Thompson’s vision for the future of energy.

Thompson said he hopes the federal government will seek to be more proactive and hands-on with assisting Ohio with the other problems it is facing, including the pervasive opioid epidemic.

“We’re struggling with this in every community, across the state, and it’s not something that discriminates based on knowledge, race, color, creed. It affects us all,” Thompson said. “We really want to try to find good models of grassroots efforts across the district. … Sometimes shame and silence are the biggest enemies in trying to face the issue. We also need help from the federal government, who we need to take this as seriously as they do things like the Zika virus. It is a crisis, and Washington needs to recognize that.”

Further, Thompson added that he hopes the federal government will also work toward providing the country with an alternative to the widely panned Common Core education system. Thompson said he hopes the government of the coming years will find a different approach to education, and also be more willing to provide funding for such efforts.

Favede vacated her Belmont County commission seat, a position she has held for nearly eight years, to run for the House post.

“I’m certainly disappointed in tonight’s outcome, but I know we ran a good clean campaign,” she said.


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