(in order of graduating year)

Allan Hornyak, St. John, 1969

Ron Lee, Bellaire, FB, 1971

Bob Haught, Stanton, RB, 1972

Tom Perko, Steubenville Catholic, DL-LB, 1972

John (Fuzzy) Filliez, Magnolia, WR-Athlete, 1973

Ernie Washington, East Liverpool, RB, 1973

Jim Woofter, Oak Glen, LB-OL, 1973

John Leon, Brooke, OL, 1976

Lance Mehl, Bellaire, LB, 1976

Mike Wright, Wellsville, QB, 1976

Doug Donley, Cambridge, RB-KR, 1977

Gordon (Charley) Gordon, John Marshall, OL, 1977

Janis Trupovnieks, Cadiz, OL, 1977

Mike Dawson, Magnolia, Utility-LB, 1978

Less Browne, East Liverpool, KR-DB, 1979

Tim Spencer, St. Clairsville, RB, 1979

Jay Peterson, Cadiz, RB, 1980

Jeff Woofter, Oak Glen, OL, 1981

Carl Fodor, Weir, QB, 1982

Brian Swisher, Sistersville, WR-Utility, 1982

Blaine Rose, Stanton, TE, 1984

Charlie Keenan, Steubenville, DL-LB, 1985

Tim Moxley, Barnesville, OL, 1985

Jeff Sweitzer, Brooke, Utility, 1987

Shawn Vincent, St. Clairsville, Athlete, 1987

Willie Clay, Linsly, DB-Athlete, 1988

Joey Galloway, Bellaire, WR-Athlete, 1990

Bill West, Buckeye Local, RB, 1990

Eric McGhee, Wheeling Central, DB-RB, 1991

Michael (Buster) Tillman, Steubenville, WR-DB, 1991

Daryl (Boogie) Johnson, Wheeling Park, RB, 1992

Curtis McGhee, Wheeling Central, DB-RB, 1993

Mark Cisar, Magnolia, QB-Athlete, 1994

Jeff Snedegar, Buckeye Trail, LB, 1995

Jose Davis, Bellaire, QB, 1996

Ben Taylor, Bellaire, LB-OE, 1997

Chad Brinker, Martins Ferry, RB, 1998

Eddie Drummond, Linsly, KR-RB, 1998

Quincy Wilson, Weir, RB, 1998

Dan Stephens, Linsly, DL, 2000

Zach Amedro, John Marshall, QB, 2005

Zac Cooper, Weir, LB-FB, 2005

Adam Hoppel, Beaver Local, DL, 2005

Nate Davis, Bellaire, QB-Athlete, 2006

Zach Collaros, Steubenville, QB-Athlete, 2007

Derek Wolfe, Beaver Local, DL, 2008

Justin Fox, Magnolia, QB-Athlete, 2011

Dan Monteroso, St. Clairsville, WR-Athlete, 2013

Austin Dorris, Shadyside, Athlete, 2014

Elijah Bell, Wheeling Park, WR, 2016


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