Slideshow: Love to the Little Ones, S-Z

Wyatt Taylor
Tyler Joseph Tellitocci
Tamsyn Noelle Timmons
Scarlett Steele
Scarlett Steele
Nolan Vincent Smith
Norah Corinne Wolfe
Ryan Anthony Sutton Jr
Owen Sugimoto
Owen Sugimoto
Noah Welsh
Max Treiber
Mason Welsh
Marco Zambito
Luca Zambito
Keegan Thomas
Kennedy Marie Scherich
Kinley Stamp
Knox Stamp
Louie Zambito
Kalista Ann Timmons
Justin Sambuco
Jordie Layne Simons
James Tuel
Hudson Robert Tellitocci
Evelyn Weeks
Frankie Young
Gavin Wodesky
Gemma Lee Sutton
Grayson Wodesky
Eli Young
Declan Kaede Smith
Danica Rose Williams
Danica Rose Williams
Danica Rose Williams
Bailey Taggart
Bexley Taggart
Buckley Thomas Steele
Buckley Thomas Steele
Dakota Rayne Simons
Ariella Zambito
Alysha Lynn Taggart
Adeline Young
Abram Michael Wolfe


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