DiCarlo’s Pizza of Elm Grove Thanks Employees, Patrons



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DiCarlo’s Pizza located in Elm Grove is well known for being one of the most popular pizza places in the Ohio Valley.

In addition to its famous square slices, they are also known for their attentiveness to their customers.

The DiCarlo’s Pizza in Elm Grove recently changed its name to “Patsy’s Pizza” to pay homage to longtime owner Patsy Vespa, who worked closely with the DiCarlo family over the years.

“My father has taught me so much in many ways of caring, as well as treating people with respect in which I will never stop listening,” says Joe Vespa, son of owner Patsy Vespa. “It can be challenging making all of our pizza in house and fresh throughout the night to satisfy our loyal customers who we are very grateful to. From their support as well as their patience, we appreciate it.”

According to Vespa, DiCarlo’s Pizza does not only rely on loyal patrons, but hard-working employees as well. “We have around 15 employees and you see people come and go, but we have some good people here.” DiCarlo’s believes in supporting its employees in many ways and have made efforts to help one employee in particular.

For over two decades Michelene “Mickey” Kovalick has worked with the Vespa family at DiCarlo’s up until she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and spinal cancer. The Vespa family and the employees of DiCarlos have made efforts to donate money on behalf of Kovalick and have given all funds to her family every week since her diagnosis.

“Mickey is a great person with a great heart and she has worked with us for over 24 years,” says Vespa. Kovalick is now undergoing radiation therapy and he hopes to see her back at DiCarlo’s soon.

“I was so relieved to see her getting better (and) it just perked me right up. She’s great,” said Vespa. The owner of DiCarlo’s Pizza in Elm Grove, Patsy Vespa, says the beginnings of this family-owned business were not easy.

“I came here in 1949 after World War II. I did not know much English, but I learned,” said Patsy Vespa. From humble beginnings to a thriving business, the Vespa family does not plan on leaving where the business found its roots, according to Joe Vespa.

“(We must) never stop thinking of family and the importance of family sticking together with unconditional love in business and in (our) personal life. Wheeling has and will forever be our community, but more importantly our home.”


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